Do you think child beauty pageants should be allowed?

  • Uninformed about Pageants

    My comment about how these types of pageants are the minorty in the pageant world and are their type called "glitz" was meant to be a YES instead of a NO. I have been in many pageants and non of them allow children to wear makeup, be tanned, or have anything fake in them. They also have to dress appropriately and connot show their stomachs, booty, ect. Everyone these days think pageants are like the ones portrayed in the TV show "Toddlers and Tiaras" and in media. This is so not true. It's annoying that people automatically assume this. Also the children I've met from pageants LOVE it and I have never met any nasty moms.

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  • They are not meant to be sexual

    I think adult beauty pageants are designed to be looked at in a sexual and erotic way; however, child beauty pageants are not meant to be taken in such a way by the average person. They are simply a content to determine which young child is the cutest, not the sexiest.

  • I think they should.

    There are many problems with child beauty pageants, but I don't think they should be banned. I think they should be revamped though. I think they should focus more on the "inner beauty" of the child and not the outer beauty as much. I don't the children should be allowed to wear revealing outfits, as I have seen some wearing.

  • No, no, no

    It's bad enough that a full grown woman should be judged on her looks without subjecting tiny children to it. Children should be taught that people should be valued for what they are not what they look like. Why is it. Necessary to add 12 more words - I've said all I want to.

  • Unknowlegabke about pageants

    The type of pageants the picture is depicting and the ones in the TV show "Toddlers and Tiaras" I a completely different beast. These type of page bats are called "glitz" pageants. Most of the page bats world ARE NOT like this. I've been in over 15 pageants on the last couple of years and NONE of them allow children to wear makeup, be tanned, or wear anything fake. These are how most pageants are yet, thanks to media, everyone thinks that all pageants are glitz. The children in the pageants I've have come to know love being in the pageants and its fun for them. I have several new families I've formed from pageants. It's amazing to watch a shy child come out of their shell and be so outgoing due to pageants. I wish people would understand that almost all pageants are not like the ones on TV and media.

  • They should be banned

    In 2012 approximately 5,000 beauty pageants were held across the nation, but as the popularity grows, less and less parents are questioning the safety of their child. These pageants attempt to show the public that these girls do enjoy dressing up like princess’, but some of the girls that are entered in the pageants are younger than five years-old and are being made to dress up in inappropriate costumes that sexualize their figure; learn routines that aren’t always appropriate; wear make-up and put false teeth just so that they can get first prize. They cause children mental and physical issues, these include depression, anorexia and emotional issues. Some children starve themselves and that can lead onto eating disorders later in life. The parents of these children are living their dreams through their children. These kids should be able to play with their dolls not be one!

  • Beauty Pageants are the dumbest things in the world!

    Beauty Pageants are sexist and demeaning to women. They just teach everyone that looks are more important than anything else. There are WAY more things important than beauty such as getting an education, or taking responsibilities, like chores. Some people think that beauty pageants are only to motivate people that beauty and looks matter. WELL LOOKS DON'T MATTER! What's on the inside is what matters.

  • Unfair To Child

    Children become obsessed with their looks and they win based on their looks. They get the WRONG idea of what they should be focused on in their life, and their priorities get all confused. I am strongly against them because most children that go to these are selfish self absorbed brats. Again, MOST, not all.

  • Child beauty pageants are abusive.

    I don't think that child beauty pageants should be allowed anymore. The kids typically don't have enough self awareness to realize what they are doing, and the parents that are running them typically do not behave in the best interests of the children. It is an all around abusive scenario.

  • Child beauty pageants should not be allowed.

    Child beauty pageants should not be allowed. If the child is willing and wants to participate then they should be allowed to. However, in most cases, it is the parent that is dominating the children to participate in the events. The rewards and outcomes of these events are not worth what is being spent on them.

  • No not really.

    The way they are now I do not think so. Some parents get scary into it to the point that they are forcing their child to act a certain way and dress a certain way instead of just being a child. They won't let them eat a large factor of foods too. It is not good for the kid.

  • No, there is no place for child beauty pageants.

    Child beauty pageants are for parents to live vicariously through their children. It serves no moral or educational benefit to the child. On the contrary it usually gives the child a superiority complex that will make the rest of it's life worse. While you can't fix bad parenting, you can at least end beauty pageants for children.

  • I completely disagree

    I personally feel like the pageant life is far to overwhelming for a child. Children shouldn't be obligated to so much stress they should be able to live freely and play with dolls not get dressed up as one themselves and paraded around like little trophy's. I feel us as parents shouldn't put more on our children than they can bare.

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