Do you think children are more greedy today due to children's advertising promoted on commercials?

  • Kids get really greedy

    They have to get to be greedy by their parents but their parenst give in to them trying to get ther things they want but instead they become greedy and want evrything and they think they are on top to think they need theing and they take more thsn they need

  • Most kids are being greedy than ever since we are in a new world of technology

    Most kids can get tricked easily because how greedy they are, And how they want to be the best, On top. Most ads would say "be the first to get them", Or " they are newest and hottest thing we have ever seen". This would most likely cause greedy kids that want to be on top to ask their parents or buy it themselfves for it.

  • Yes kids are more greedy due to advertisements

    The reason why is is say this Is because all these kids only like to be on there electronics trying to see all the ads and what there advertising so if they like it they start asking. One thing my kids saw on tv was a wubble bubble and wouldn't stop asking.

  • I think children are more greedy due to advertising.

    Every parent cringes when we see a commercial that we know will prompt the words, "I want that!". Advertising today is relentless, the message is being sent that kids MUST have these products or they won't be happy. They see other children, shining and perfect examples of what they should be in the commercials, dressed well and living the life that they should want. Of course it makes them greedy, who can blame them for wanting what seems like the perfect life?

  • Children these days are more greedy

    I do think children are more greedy these days. Parents are raising children to be selfish, un-self reliant brats. Kids see what their friends have and they want the same things. Which has always been true, but now parents give in to them more and more and it just increases the problem.

  • They are greedy by nature.

    No, I do not think that children are more greedy because of what they see on television, because I think that children are naturally greedy. Children are the way that they have always been. It is natural that children try to satisfy their needs and wants. Children are no different than they were hundreds of years ago before television existed.

  • no, not at all.

    I think children are greedy today due to the world becoming a more greedy place, and monetary gain being the only economic driving force we have. Until this is remedied, people will continue being greedy and the seeds will continue to be planted in children. It's a pretty viscous cycle.

  • No, I think children will always be needy

    You will always have children wanting more, its why they are children. I think the media has just changed, in that it can reach the children on a larger scale. I think the world will always target children, but there is nothing the parents can do. Children want, parents buy. Its always been that way.

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