• Yo if you love your family and love god then why would you not bring them together?

    Maybe not physical danger victims, but God withstands all, and your child needs to learn about God with a clear understanding. For example, if you think that Christianity is the way of life then let your kid know that Jesus died for our sins so do whatever, or if you are Islamic, then let your kid know that earth is a test to go to heaven. LET YOUR KID LEARN ABOUT GOD WITHOUT BEING CONFUSED

  • children are victims

    I personally agree,So when a couple get married, where each one of them is from a different religion, how do you think the children's religious identity should be determined?Kids are living with a father and a mother who do not originally practice the same religious rituals, principles, and the parents are each committed to their faith solely - with no effect on their relationship; however, ultimately, I believe this will affect the children's religious identity.

  • victims in interfaith

    Now not every person does this. Nothing is completely black and white. People must be set in a strong moral conviction to not do these things (and sometimes that still doesn't work). If there isn't no real belief of moral standards, I don't believe people will chose to do the right or good thing.

  • Not at all

    No, they are not victims at all if two people from the same religion get married. I think that it will be good for the kid since they will be raised in a good home by good people, and will grow up to stay out of crime and other things.

  • No: Children are Not Victims of Interfaith Marriage

    Interfaith marriages give children the opportunity to become more tolerant and understanding of different faith traditions. The result of this may be a sense of not having a "true" religion to follow. This is indeed a risky situation, but creates the necessary conditions for finding an authentic connection to the divine, in a world where religion in the modern Western world has become a vacuous prop for consumerism and a regimen for blind obedience.

  • No, I do not

    Whether the marriage is interfaith or not, if there is two responsible adults who respect one another and keep their act together, the children do not become victims. Even though it's a marriage of two faiths, it needs to be secular. Reason being? Let the children make their own decisions once they're of age.

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