Do you think children in Primary School should have Instagram?

  • Of course they should!

    Children under 13 should be allowed Instagram. Most of you reckon that it's unsafe. We can easily overcome this by letting parents have access to their child's social media accounts. Instagram should ask how old the user is before their account is made, they should also censor posts that are classed as inappropriate to younger users. Their are many benefits of social media; it boosts the child's social intelligence. If every other child in their year group has an Instagram account, who are you to deprive them of keeping up with the rest of their generation.

  • Fuck little kids

    Kids are so immature because they watch all sorts of stuff like porn in social medias and the parents dont know most of the time they watch porn or bad things in instagram, and people might give personal info to strangers and do something bad to that stupid little kid.

  • I Think No!

    I think no because children's brain capacity can not handle thinking about the consequences from their posts. I reckon that kids should at least be 13 before they own their own account on socail media to be able to cope with the responsibility. Children also should be outside, or learning, not having their head in a device.

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