Do you think China is justified to spend a huge amount of money on public projects while its national debt is growing?

  • I do agree.

    Just because a country has debt does not mean it should cease spending on public works. Public works are what give people jobs and homes and make the community better. If they have a national debt that is growing rapidly, there are many othere areas in which to take cuts. But in China's case, not taxes, as they do not make very much.

  • Yes China is justified in its public works project spending.

    The fact that China needs to grow its economy at a rate of 8% alone, justifies the use public works programs to provide the needed work for China's society. Also the fact the China is not a debtor nation is another reason that China can afford to borrow the funds required for its public works sector.

  • It is their money

    The country should be able to spend money on what ever they believe is needed. If they feel that these public projects will help their population and cause them to enjoy themselves then they should be allowed to do it. They may be getting into debt but who says that they do not have a plan to get out of debt and on to something else.

  • Yes, China is justified in its public project spending

    China is a growing country in areas of population and business. Public projects are necessary to keep up with the growing depends being placed upon its infrastructures. These public projects are sure to aid China in maintaining its global business relationships. Additionally, the pubic projects provide jobs and build a skilled labor market, which will be important for future projects.

  • No, China is not justified in using a large amount of money on public projects while it's debt is a problem.

    I think that it is a foolish thing for China to spend a huge amount of money on public projects while it's debt is growing. It is very counter productive to making sure the country doesn't face any type of financial issues in the future. I think China should cut funds for public projects.

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