Do you think China's economy will improve in the future?

  • Yes chine's economy will improve

    Becuase chine's economy cares for the low income earners and the high income earners.They have captured or they are capturing the developing african Countires and majority of the poor in Africa bless Chine's economy as their cheap and customer freindly products has made life easy for the poor majority in Africa and the few rich people.And Chine's foreigh policy is superb.
    May God bless China and the leaders.

  • Yes I do.

    China's economy is very strong as it is and I think it will only improve. Countries like America owe them a ton of money, so they will have that to help their economy improve. Plus, they are making tons of products to export and will only be making more and more.

  • Yes. China's economy will eventually improve.

    Yes. The fact that China's economy has been in a down-turn in recent months is simply a temporary truth. China has the one thing that no one can do without, which is manufacturing. China can manufacture a large variety of product in fantastically large scale. Their economy will be turned around once more US manufacturing is forced to go international.

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