Do you think Chipolte is safe to eat at one year after their e-coli crisis?

  • Chipotle has always been great

    I believe that the whole e-coli crisis was just corporate sabotage, chipotles stock was up almost $200 and larger corporations what to crush them before they got too big. I believe that the people effected should investigate asn sue those companies that sabotages their food. But i have not stopped going to chipotle for the entire time, and the people that work there are always very nice and very clean.

  • Yes, I feel they are safe.

    Yes, one year after Chipotle's e-coli crisis, I feel that the restaurant's food is safe to eat. In a year, they've had time to inspect the restaurants, research the problem, and implement fixes. The fact that they've been doing fine for an entire year shows me that the food is now safe to eat.

  • Yes they have new practices in place

    Once a crisis like e-coli breaks out for a restaurant chain it will be very hard to win back customers, especially when there is so much choice. They company have said they've put new practices in place, and haven't had any problems like it again. Because of this I personally am happy to now eat there and think it is as safe as any other restaurant.

  • Yes, it does.

    I wouldn't hesitate to eat there. There is always some risk no matter where you eat. No place is going to be fool proof, especially when you are using a lot of fresh ingredients. But they have taken it seriously. One significant switch: more food is prepared at central facilities.

  • Yes, Chipotle is safe to eat at one year after their e-coli crisis.

    Yes, Chipotle is safe to eat at one year after their e-coli crisis. I've actually eaten Chipotle several times since they re-opened after their restaurants closed to handle the e-coli crisis. Usually after such a big scandal, a company overcompensates for their mistake and things are ultra clean or ultra safe.

  • Chipotle is bad

    They still might have ecoli and it is very dangerous till the places still will have the virus in the meat and the food. Chicken iis bad for the us goverment and you dont have it proved that the ecoli is out of the food so that is why chipotle is bad.

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