• All religions are cults.

    Do you really need an explanation for this? Tons have made this argument. It's used to justify horrid crimes, It requires blind faith and obedience, Et cetera, Et cetera. Shit's a cult. 100%. No doubt about it, Culty. Like, Seriously, SUUUUUUUPER culty. Way cultier than it should be. For reals, Y'all.

  • They brainwash The children they meet

    When I was a child, My Christian grandparents took k away from my native American Father, They brainwashed me into Christianity, And when I was given back to my father, It took years to fix it, Therefore, CHRISTIANITY IS A CULT, And they have removed half the bible, Remember Lilith? She was mean to be ADAMS WIFE but she defied it, And then she was banished and turned into a demon, Then Eve came along, And Cults, Brainwash, And change the story to there advantage, And Christianity does so, End of Story

  • Basically "cult" is sort of derogatory term for a religious group.

    According to merriam-webster's online dictionary (as of august 2020), A is "a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious". So depending on whether or not you define christianity or a sect of it as either "untraditional" or "un-genuine in qualities" will basically determine whether or not it is a cult to you. Otherwise, The terms are pretty much synonymous with each other :P

  • Of course it is. . . . . .

    My Catholic Mother doesnt trust me to move out of my in laws house with my Husband. Why? Because there are sexual predators out on the streets, EVERYWHERE, Apparently. . . . . . . . . . . My in laws want us to be independent, But my Mother doesnt care. She thinks i will get attacked by everyone out there. Mind you, I live in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Thanks Mom, For that bullshit and utterly damaging advice. And thanks for saying, All religions are essentially the SAME but just follow Christianity and pray the Rosary, And go for Bible Studies even AFTER you said it was okay for me to follow ANY religion.

    People say cults are controlling and Christianity is not. . . . . . . . . Im sorry. . . . . . . . . You think im gonna believe in that bullshit? You don't see Buddhists, Pagans, Hindus, Etc, WORLDWIDE, Trying to convert people of different faiths. Only the Abrahamic faiths do all that shit.

    "Cults use isolation to brainwash their followers, Not Christianity"- anonymous. . . . . . . . . . Really? You expect me to fall for that? Just look what my Mom put me through. She also says lets guys chase you, Don't be too forward. . . . . . . . . Thats what happened but still. . . . . . . . Im too forward, Apparently, Anyway. What, Now even guys cannot chase me, Huh? Nevermind that. . . . . . . Im married now, But she still doesnt trust me to live with my Huaband independently elsewhere, Without my in laws. My in laws would be living elsewhere and they will be moving out of their old house. Christianity is a cult. My Mom is a Catholic. She embarrassed me in front of all my closest friends and relatives and boyfriends back in the day, And lied to me saying she didnt have my exes number on her phone or called him. Bitch i know you did. Don't lie. He told me so. And i know so. You even ADMITTED it back then! Also, You told me to follow ANY religion, So let me. Don't shove Christianity down my throat when i come to visit you. Im no longer living under YOUR roof, AND im married!

  • Jesus is the only way

    I was raised a Christian. We believed, As all christians believe that when we die our elevator goes up while everyone elses goes down. While you are free to leave you will find other church members become less friendly. I believe it is a cult. God does not make disposable people. Jesus was not thinking of you when he died. He was a beautiful healer and teacher. History states jewish rabbis were required to marry and have a family. Maybe, Just maybe he was thinking about his wife, Children, Parents and siblings and friends. God is real. Very alive and very talkative. Open your ears and listen. Constantine turned Jesus into God. As with all self absorbed narcissists he wanted to go to heaven when he died. His view of heaven. He was Hitler's idol so that tells you what kind of man he was. Now say the magic words (Jesus paid the price for my sins) and whallah, You are in. Anything Constantine believed I am leary of. If you want to know God just say hello. You will hear from Him. I did.

  • I have a relationship with God and I absolutely hate Christianity at this point.

    I grew up raised in Christianity. I think a particular religion/group becomes a cult when those people following those particular beliefs of a group decide at any point that it is ok to refuse to accept a person and to withhold love and respect towards other people who are in need and have even just one different opinion or belief about life than that group. I have experienced this in Christianity time after time again. Just because someone's opinion is different or doesn't match up 100% of with what is being taught or with what someone else believes, doesn't mean it's wrong. A person's beliefs are valid and i'm aware that even though people's beliefs are valid and to some extent uncontrollable, that also doesn't mean they are completely accurate either at times. I don't think accuracy is the most important thing either, I think this is where many Christians and other people miss the point. When a person who does their best as often as they can valuing being loving towards other people and respecting each other even when they don't understand, agree, or even like another person , I think that's what is so important and what people look over so often. Every person has different experiences in their life and those experiences, whether bad or good can really help shape what we believe at any given moment. Those beliefs can change over time too.
    I've come across a few Christians in my life who seem to care about others and really make an effort to treat others with compassion and love, and I've been around so many different Christians in my life that treat others with contempt and tell them their emotions are unimportant and reject them etc. I don't think emotions are everything. I also think it's important to make sure emotions don't take control over your life in a way that brings you or others harm, but I value human emotion. Christians have promised me many things like one example is: that if I continually surrender my life to Jesus and God, pray, be honest, love etc, that Jesus or God will give me peace at times, which I have yet to receive some peace in my life after pouring my heart out to God for 22 years of my life. Cults also make claims and promises that if you do such and such you will gain something out of it when all the while it waists your energy, time, and for some, money, and what they claimed would happen, doesn't come true. Not every belief and thought i have is helpful or accurate, but people, especially ones affiliated with a group/religion that is also about love and compassion, who choose to spend their time valuing being accurate and more concerned with if they are less sinful then others is what leads someone like me to call Christianity a cult at this point.

  • The historical evolution of Christianity displays cult-like followings throughout its timeline. While not absolutely a cult, most of its history was as one.

    A fear based religion requiring acceptance and following of a man/god character who is was a human sacrifice to himself to appease his need for sacrifice is this cults premise. Abandoning this cult will result in eternal damnation and followers are told (by Bible) to abandon family and friends if they get in the way. Questioning and skepticism of beliefs are discouraged and followers use peer pressure and verses to quell rational thinking as 'Satan's influence.

  • Its obvious, duh

    Here is a quote from the right side of this page that I think shows what im talking about...

    "Christianity is based on Biblical truth, nothing else. Cults are contrived by man...."

    Ok, now here you are saying Cults are contrived by man which basically explains Christianity. On top of that Christianity has deleted 18 years of Jesus life from the bible and then sort of morphed into or with Paganism..

    I mean read the bible. What is the Sabbath? The seventh day right? Yeah, even the spanish language knows the Sabbath is on Saturday based on the word saturday; Sabbato.

    Why did Christianity Change Jesuse birthday to a popular pagan holiday?

    Why? Because CULT. Because Brainwashing. Because Control..

  • Deluded followers thinking they are leaders

    Most faith based systems con their followers into thinking they are leaders in some capacity. This process reinforces the "followers" narcissistic need for self agrandizement. Philosophically, their dogmatic voices become saturated with non-sequiturs into which morph the tenets of resplendent sophistry. Never in the entirety of their automatonic lives will a creative or original thought spring forth.

  • Historically viewed, yes, all religions are also cults

    Christianity, like most religions or cults, is based on a believe of a god or gods and the believe that the clergy does have are better "communication line" to god or a higher being. This concept was more than 16000 years ago (and still is) THE basis and starting point of any form of slavery.

  • No, Christians are not in a cult... Muslim are though

    Christians really vary from church to church and don't require anything too horrible. Muslims on the other hand are hate filled and brain washed and believe the unbelievable. A Christian would be hard pressed to kill a person in the name of God let alone read it in the bible. But a Muslim will strap on a bomb and kill his own people for fairly vague reasons...

  • Not a cult.

    Christianity is based on Biblical truth, nothing else. Cults are contrived by man, and legalistically adhere to ritualistic doctrine.

    Christians have a faith, a relationship with the Creator, and a book (the Bible) describing His character and plans for people, past, present and future. You can leave at any point relatively without fear (I cannot speak for individual vendettas however). "Cult" implies exclusivity and adherence to codes. Being a Christian is behaving in imitation to characteristics, and not carrying out a specific law. Enterence to Heaven is based on faith and repentance, not personal perfection or worthiness. The self must decrease, and Christ must increase. It is objective, yet personal. Not subjective, yet impersonal.

  • No, the word 'cult' cannot be applied to Christianity by definition

    A cult is generally understood as a deviant group with radically different ideology borrowed from an established religious worldview. Today Christianity is an established, original, religious worldview with a rich history, culture and traditions of its own. It used to be known as a cult within Judaism in the 1st century as early Christians were mostly Jews who followed Jesus. But since Christianity has now parted ways with Judaism and grown exponentially throughout history with Christian adherents surpassing Jewish adherents, it can no longer be considered a cult.

  • No, I do not think Christianity is a cult

    Christianity is not a cult. A cult usually has a leader who exerts total control over the members of the cult and makes most decisions for them. Christianity is based on the free will of people and they make their own choices as to whether or not to obey the rules and guidelines of the faith.

  • not at all

    no, i do not think that it is a cult at all. I think that it is just an idea, so that the people can have faith in a higher power that is going to govern over them. I think that it is a good thing for a lot of people.

  • No, Christianity is not a cult.

    I do not believe Christianity is a cult. But in the sense of the word, any group of people can be considered a cult. Even atheism can be considered a cult. I think that Christianity is just a way for their believers to live their lives. I think that the term cult should be reserved for more shady organizations.

  • It is free.

    No, I do not think that Christianity is a cult, because there are very few things that Christianity requires. Christianity only suggests that you give 10% of your money. It also does not make you live in any specific place. Christianity is a religion where there are as many different denominations are there are people to practice them.

  • Cult's are harmful Christianity is not.

    Although I can understand why people would find cults and Christianity to be very similar, there are many things that make them very different.
    1. Control.
    Cults are very controlling. You have to do, say and live exactly the way you are told to. You literally lose your freedom to choose. While Christianity does set a guideline of how you should act. You aren't controlled or forced into doing anything. It is all of your own free will. Because Christianity itself encourages free will.
    2. Isolation/brainwashing
    The one thing that really differs Christianity from a cult is this. In order for something to be a cult there needs to be isolation involved, otherwise it isn't a cult. Cults use isolation to brainwash their followers. By getting people away from the world and civilization. It is that much easier to brainwash and control people. If you don't know anything else, why would you question it? If you have little to no contact with the world, how would you know what is normal? Which is why isolation is such a powerful tool for cults. Christianity does NOT use isolation. In fact the bible encourages the opposite. Christians are constantly involved in the world while being involved in church. Unless you count a christian camp that goes a week long every year or drug rehabilitation programs as isolation, then Christianity is in the clear. But let's be real. Cults are also very secretive. Christianity is not secretive at all. Everything a christian believes can be found on the internet. Christianity is an open book. Which also makes it to different to be a cult.
    4. Physical or mental abuse, no questions
    Cults are a negative form of a religion. It's a religion gone wrong. And all though some christian churches have hit all of the above points describing a cult. The main root of Christianity does not do any of these things. A cult doesn't allow questioning of leadership, which ties back to control. Christianity not only allows questions, but encourages it. You can't judge an entire religion by a few churches. The core belief of Christianity, is against everything a cult stands for.
    5. For something to be a cult, it HAS to be harmful.
    You may think the entire idea of Christianity is insanity. Which is totally fine. Christianity is about free choice after all. But Christianity is NOT harmful what so ever. And while yes, from time to time, someone can end up in the wrong church, at the wrong time and end up really messed up. Don't classify the whole tree as dead just because you ate off of a couple rotten apples. Don't mistake religion as being the same thing as a cult. Yes, a cult starts as a religion, but it isn't the same thing. They separated for a reason. Some branches of Christianity have turned into cults, that's true, but don't judge an entire religion by those few churches that went wrong. They aren't the same.

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