Do you think Christians ever would leave Christianity for the Islam religion?

  • Yes, they have and will continue to do so

    Yes, and I've known personally people who have done so. Some do so for marriage, some while searching for the religion that makes most sense to them. Also, Christianity and Islam share a lot of beliefs and practices which makes it easier for a Christian to identify with the messages/laws in Islam.

  • Yes , they did in the middle east

    I don't think mass - conversion will happen . But there is huge difference between Old Testament and New Testament as if you are talking about two totally different God . Islam's monotheism is very attractive and even Indians love sufi songs singing about one God and Unity . That is my take

  • Happens all the time

    People join and leave religions all the time. Depending on where you are located, Islam has some very powerful arguments. For instance in one country I used to live in, converting to Islam would see the state pay towards a house for you. It also made it easier to get employment and less harassing to deal with the bureaucracy. In such places Christian or other women who convert and don the appropriate clothing, immediately become less likely to be targets of sexual assault.

  • It Can Happen

    I do not believe you will see large parts of the American Christian faithfully giving up their current faith for Islam, but there are people who convert. I don't believe this really happens very often, but it happens often enough that I've heard of several examples. Of course not all people convert to Islam, some find solace in other world religions as well.

  • Overall Christians will not be leaving their religion for Islam.

    While surely some Christians may convert to Islam, overall Christians as a whole will not be converting in mass to Islam. The two groups have different beliefs regarding the origins of their religions and for people, that is kind of a big part of their religious beliefs. Christians are likely to continue following their beliefs.

  • They would not

    No, I do not think that a christian would ever go against his religion and swap over to following islam. I think that the Christians have to big of a faith in god, and that they would not swap over to believing in the god that the Islam people have.

  • Goodness Over Groupthink

    This question is asking about Christians as a whole converting to another faith and referring to Islam as a collective as well. This is a false manner of thinking from the get-go. Both Christianity and Islam ask that their disciples make personal commitments and sacrifices for their service to either Jehovah or Allah. In that sense, Christians can be called a group, but cannot be treated in the same manner as a collective and the same is true for Islam (as well as Judaism, Buddhism, and other faiths). Because these groups are religions and religion is a physical lifestyle that expresses devout faith, the concept is individual and therefore the circumstances that create an individual (environment, experiences, perceptions formed by elements, cultural influences, family, and other things that create the human psyche) are just as complex and unique in determining one’s conversion or lack thereof. If a person has turned to Islam, it is usually out of a desire for a more purist and defined (often by regions) set of beliefs rather than what is sought out by Christianity, the seeking of answers to questions individually through one’s relationship with Jehovah and encouraging ultimate tolerance (meaning the tolerance of even the intolerant). Islam and Christianity have so many similarities it is always possible for one to convert to the other, seeing the deity as the loving creator and ‘rewarder of them that diligently seek Him’ and having their own sets of things to abstain from and take part in to remember prophecies and sacrifices made on their faith’s behalf. However, because human nature desires greater freedom and statistically more women describe themselves as religious than men, it only makes sense that a person within a faith that allows for more liberality for a female be preferred by that person. On the other hand, that same woman might desire the protection and love that true Islam offers in place of the freedoms of Christianity. In the end this question is a moot one as ‘Christians’ are not themselves simply a collective and ‘Islam’ is not the other choice at the end of a religious buffet. All faiths are personal and depending on the individual, conversion may be as easy as reading a text or as difficult as losing all of one’s friends and family before being touched by a loving disciple of a faith.

  • Christians wouldn't leave.

    No one that really believes in the religion they have would convert freely. There are some people that may convert, but there would be mass conversions unless they were forced to do so. There have been crusades and murders by nearly all religions in attempt to force converts, but few freely convert.

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