• Christmas has become too commercialized over the last few decades.

    Christmas advertisements and decorations frequently begin appearing in retail outlets in October. Black Friday and retail profits are very hyped during the Christmas season. All of this has created a holiday that is more about consumption than tradition. Considerably less emphasis is placed on the importance of spending time with friends and family and simply enjoying those things for which we are thankful to have in our lives. Rather, most spend the season focused on what they must buy to make others happy for the holiday and, likewise, on what they feel they must receive in order to be able to consider their holiday season a good one.

  • Yes, the entire season revolves around commercialization.

    It certainly seems as if Christmas is becoming more and more about the sales and the gifts than anything else. From Halloween on, the airwaves are cluttered with Christmas advertisements and reminders about that perfect gift. Sadly, I don't see the trend reversing itself anytime soon, as advertising becomes more in-your-face with tablet/smartphone technology and more time spent online.

  • People spend too much money on Christmas gifts.

    Many families have to purchase dozens of gifts for both their immediate families as well as distant relatives. Even if they do not purchase any expensive gifts and choose to spend modestly per gift, the cost of buying gifts for friends and family can easily exceed several hundreds of dollars, putting financial strain on many people as a result of the holidays.

  • Yes, Christmas is way too commercialized.

    All one has to do is look around to see evidence that Christmas is too commercialized. Even before Halloween is over, the Christmas decorations are flying onto store shelves. Christmas music begins playing on many radio stations beginning November 1st. Then, look at the way Black Friday has spilled over into Thanksgiving day. People aren't focused enough on the true reason for Christmas, Jesus' birth. The majority of people are primarily concerned with purchasing the perfect present or planning the perfect party or getting the perfect outfit or decorating the house perfectly to worry about focusing on the true joys of Christmas. Very rarely do commercials or other advertisements focus on spending time with family and friends and rejoicing in Jesus' birth on this wonderful season. Instead, the focus is spending money. Unfortunately, many people have bought into this commercialized version of Christmas.

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