Do you think chromosome therapy has a valid purpose in medical science?

  • Chromosome therapy has a valid purpose in medical science.

    Any kind of therapy that can lead to medical treatments should be pursued. Even though they have a long way to go, gene therapies have come shown a lot of potential in curing diseases in the future. We should invest in this kind of technology now in order to see the benefits in the future.

  • Help with diseases

    Yes, I do think that chromosome therapy has a very strong future in medical science, and will help out a lot of people when it is fully developed and the treatments are available. This will help with that lot of genetic diseases that people today have to suffer through life with.

  • Yes, it could help a lot.

    Chromosome therapy has a lot of potential to help people with genetic or chromosomal disorders. Therapies should not be discounted simply because they are a little unusual or different from the norm. Instead, many different options, including chromosome therapy, need to be available for people who wish to try it out.

  • It's Making Strides

    I believe that chromosome therapy does have a valid purpose in medical science. This far, most work with chromosome therapy seems to be centered around Down Syndrome where they have been able to correct some problems with chromosomes in patients. It's a step in the right direction and its presence should be considered valid.

  • It can help people.

    Yes, I think that chromosome therapy has a valid purpose in medical science, because it has great potential to help people. Depending on the type of illness, chromosome therapy might be the only option to treat the problem, since chromosome therapy can go tot he source of the problem, rather than treating only the symptoms.

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