Do you think Ciera Easton deserves to come back to Survivor for a second chance?

  • YES! Ciera Easton is the definition of a player deserving of a Second Chance!

    Anyone who voted no obviously either has not watched Blood Vs. Water or has no appreciation for the game of Survivor. This girl was the best strategic player besides Tyson on Survivor: Blood Vs Water. She knew she had no shot at making it deep into the game unless she voted out her mom so she did that to further herself. Then once she realized she was destined for fourth place she made a last ditch effort by forcing the tie to draw rocks. Had the rock tie gone her way Tyson would have left that night and we probably would not be having this debate because Ciera probably would have won her season. So YES Ciera is one of, if not the most deserving player of a second chance in the history of Survivor.

  • Yes, Ciera Easton should have been chosen to return for the Survivor: Second Chance show.

    Not a boring player during her episode of Survivor, Ciera was guided by her keen strategic mind from the very outset. Her mother, Laura Morett, was also a Survivor contestant in a previous episode, so Ciera has a unique perspective on what it takes to win and provide an engaging viewing experience.

  • If You are voited out you are voted out.

    I don't know the circumstances regarding her departure because I don't watch Survivor, but I do watch other reality type programs. My feeling is when someone is voted out unless there is a situation where someone else had to withdraw and its the finals then this person needs to remain out. Sorry, but I have seen a situation on a reality show where a person was sent home and was brought back in some silly reinstating and they went on to win. This didn't really sit well with me.

  • No one deserves a second chance.

    The game is about survival. In real life you are only given a single chance. If you give her a second chance it can be compared to cheating. The game is very simple. She lost and does not deserve to come back and compete for money with the rest of the cast.

  • Ciera Easton's time on Survivor has ended

    No, I don't believe Ciera Easton should get a second chance on Survivor. There is a process and game to be played on Survivor and Ciera went through the process with her opportunity and was voted off. There was nothing unique or memorable about her appearance that would warrant the special treatment of a return.

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