• Civil Disobedience is justified in a democratic society because that's what the society stands for; speaking up and being allowed to use your voice.

    Civil disobedience is a more kind, Collected, And, Well, Civil way of protest. Rather than showing your opinions through violence, Which tends to make people angrier and cause large fights, People use a softer approach and use words and defiance. It shows that they aren’t violent, And out to do harm, But rather show people why their cause is important and necessary. It often leads to more people supporting them because people don’t usually support things like war, Murder, Arson, Etc. Civil disobedience is the more emotional and understanding approach.
    Civil disobedience has a large history of actually working, As typically it evokes a more emotional response in the other side of the argument, And even makes people more likely to support because not a lot of people want to say they support going out and setting buildings on fire for their opinion. Everyone has heard of some cases of civil disobedience, For example, Susan B Anthony’s protests, Martin Luther King’s protests, And Rosa Park’s. Everyone has heard of all of these and knows about them. So clearly, They ended up making a difference in the world. In a democracy, It is largely based on the thought that the people should have a voice, And with civil disobedience, It gives them one.
    Civil Disobedience has a history of working, And this is also because it tends to draw a lot of attention. When a civil protest arises, Or people are making a stand for what they believe is right, It is often noted in the public. They talk about it, Write about, Broadcast it. Things like that get spread all over social media. While violent protests do too, More people defend the more civil side, It seems. More examples would be the #metoo movement, Where people spoke out about their own past experiences, But weren’t going out fighting people for it. They would just draw attention to it, Tell people what’s wrong with society in their opinion, And people paid attention. It spread all over the internet. Like #metoo there have been many other similar instances. Like LGBTQ+ parades and such. People speak out that it’s wrong to judge someone based on who they love, Or what they are, And people listened because they were passionate and determined.

  • Yes It Is

    Civil disobedience is the act of refusing to follow certain laws or refusing to pay taxes in protest. I believe civil disobedience can be justified in a democratic society. The United States is a prime example of a broken democratic government. Our government is not the perfect model the representatives make it out to be. Civil disobedience, when done for the right reasons, can be justified.

  • Yes, of course.

    I do think that civil disobedience is justified in some democratic societies. Sometimes the person democratically elected will start to destroy everything they touch, and there is no way to get them out of office. In cases like this, I do think that civil unrest is justified and needed, often.

  • No not really.

    I do not think that civil disobedience is justified in a democratic society. I think any type of disobedience, especially when it comes to the law and rules of a country are not okay. It causes problems and can lead to other and more people trying to get away with illegal things.

  • In a democratic society, civil disobedience in not justifiable.

    No, civil disobedience is not justified in democratic societies because at least in theory, in a democratic society, people should have the ability to affect change by other, more peaceful means. In democratic societies, people should be able to protest peacefully in the open, start petitions and collect signatures, or elect a different people to office that better reflects to values.

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