Do you think civilization can survive without active police forces to enforce laws?

  • Don’t need them to live

    I cannot understand why cops try to take down drug dealers, People will do what they want when they want to, The only reason I believe they take them down is because they want part of the profit and then the drug money goes to pay for the cops salaries.

  • No, It would not survive.

    There is not a chance that a civilization could survive without active police forces to enforce laws. We need laws to abide by, We need people to enforce those laws. Police forces not only enforce laws, But protect us and out properties and homes, Our children at school. Without police forces there would be more violence and less law enforcement. If there were no laws, There would be nothing but chaos. If there were no police forces, There would be no safety, Laws, Or help when needed.

  • GET RID NOW! 95% -96% of people wouldn't even notice! Bar maybe less fines!

    And I believe, would continue to live their lives honestly within a local society.

    The small % of the people that would think no police = all out crime would quickly be stamped out/run out of things to steal or set fire to.

    The police do not protect you whatsoever, they protect government interests.

    The police do not prevent crime whatsoever, nor do they catch many criminals - it's society that needs to change, our ideas, values and the moving of responsibility to someone else.

    THIS IS OUR PLANET/COUNTRY/TOWN/STREET - make it happy, make it safe.

  • Scientifical advancement in medicine and Technology a billion years ahead of time

    If we were immortal indestructible and had the inability to feel physical pain through the scientific advancement in medicine what would you need police for you can't feel physical pain die or take any damage and we had Star Trek type replicators to make food water and shelter vehicles and what have you why would you need police if your resources are Unlimited and everybody's is you cannot I cannot get damaged and you cannot feel physical pain then police would be counterintuitive and society would it survive and thrive as a whole

  • "Progress made under the shadow of policeman's club is false progress, and of no permanent value"

    I believe it is better to be free than to not be free, even when the former is dangerous and the latter safe. I believe that the finest qualities of man can flourish only in free air -- that progress made under the shadow of the policeman's club is false progress, and of no permanent value. I believe that any man who takes the liberty of another into his keeping is bound to become a tyrant, and that any man who yields up his liberty, in however slight the measure, is bound to become a slave. M.L. Mencken. I share this point of view. Abolish the police :)

  • Police is too broad of a term, we need men enforcing traffic and city laws WITHOUT guns and handcuffs

    Imagine a world where you got pulled over on the road, you forgot to use your blinker. At least you know you will not get thrown in jail based on the officers mood. All you will get is a ticket. No need to fret getting shot, or having to shoot the person pulling you over because they have a limited scope of authority.. Just giving you a ticket.
    Police should have a different role in society, we need response units to high intense situations like shooting and emergencys, but there is no need for them to patrol petty stuff that account for 99% of arrests.

    We need police monitoring burglaries, murderers, real criminals.

  • Yes, because police is used more to pulverize people than to help.

    Police is seen more in action in using tear gas and lathi-charge than protecting weak from strong. Moreover, you may say that we would need police to protect weak from exploiting people. This would be valid if we had a system of division in society, a system that divided the society into exploiters and exploited. Then, a police would be needed to protect exploited from exploiters. But, if we put an end to the system of exploitation, there would not be any need for a police.

  • Civilization could survive but poorly.

    Civilization would survive without an active police force but it would not thrive. The majority of civilazations that have thrived had some kind of police force, but not all. In our time crime would be rampant, with out police. A military would exist to enforce some kind of law and order, but it would be swift and brutal. Police are more of a part of communites, and usually have a fair and just view, while those in the military tend to have better things to do.

  • Yes, I believe civilization would survive.

    I believe that a modern civilization will always make whatever changes are necessary in order to survive. I think if we all woke up one day and were told we no longer had an active police force, the first reaction would be utter and total chaos - looting, stealing, break-ins - it would be a free for all. I think we would come very near total ruin before people realized they would have to pull together and make changes.

  • Half in half

    Even doe the police don't do their job right, Killing innocent people, The society wouldn't survive without them because, If nobody enforce no type of law, People will go ham and do anything they want. Djfbsjdfhksdfbsdfsdfksdfggkhfbgjrejhgbrtehbhgtbghkrtbekgbkebgkrebkg gdkfgn kgwek wr w fwewe we rwe we we wee fe ew wer wer w r

  • Nope, No, Nada

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  • Obviously not in a good way.

    Don't you like knowing that no heavily armed crew of maniacs could at any time barge into your house and shoot up, stab, rape, and/or torture everyone inside including you? Well, if that did happen, assuming that you yourself survive at least, you would have someone to inform. Can you imagine sitting in class preparing for an exam one day when an ocean of bullets comes spraying right through the windows and headshotting everyone? Mass murder is a bad thing for a very good reason. No one wants it.

  • Protect the protectors

    We will always needs those to stand up for the weak and defenceless. There are some horrible people out there who need to be stopped. Anyone who says get rid of the police must live in a little bubble and have no idea what the real world is like. It is a shame that we humans could not police ourselves but we cant

  • Total Chaos For Live

    You can not coexist with people who want to rape, kill, and robe you it is as simple as that. Police Officers put their lives on the line to protect ours and if they were gone live would be short and cruel. Civilization would would be ruined and could not be put back together again.

  • Completely Impossible, it would be post-apocalyptic.

    There would be complete anarchy and lawlessness. The streets would be ruled by violence, thugs, and tyrants. There would be no one to call for stolen property, stop domestic violence, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and investigate murders. There is freedom and liberty, then there is complete stupidity to believe we can live without law and order.
    I mean take for example in Somalia people are pretty much free to do what they want. But I wouldn't want to live there. I like the fact people can't just come into my house or kill my family members. We can call someone if it does, otherwise, it will be chaotic vigilante justice.

  • Impossible, simply impossible.

    Like em or not, we still need them.

    Imagine the world without someone enforcing the law and watching over your neighbor hood. The crime rate in a lot of cities, states, countries, areas are bad enough but just think of it without police it would be so much worse and society would fail very, very quickly. Who do you call when someone is trying to break into your house or is stalking you?

  • Purges and crime

    The USA needs police or there will a none stop purge and US will die and we will all die like the last man on earth life will not be the same if there was no cops i would kill myself WE NEED POLICE OR NO LIFE THAT ALL I HAVE TO SAY

  • If America didn't have cops the purge would become a reality

    Cops enforce the rule. If there are not any cops to enforce the rule people will rape others, kill others, steal, and almost any other crime you could commit. The world would go crazy. If cops didn't exist the world would be a nightmare. We need cops in the world

  • Are you kidding me.

    No civilization would fail as we know it, I mean police force has been around since the time of Jesus with the roman soldiers. Man's Laws are instituted by god and should be followed. Laws would have no meaning if there is no police to enforce them and not everyone will abide by them willingly without enforcement.

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