• Clarence Thomas's pattern of silence

    Clarence Thomas's pattern of silence is significant in that it is proving a point for some that you can only push someone so far before you can't anymore. I think that it is also a childish way to make a point but if all else fails what else do you have but to revert to old ways.

  • Yes, Clarence Thomas is arrogant.

    Clarence Thomas sexually harassed Anita Hill before he ever got to the Supreme Court as a justice and still got confirmed for that position. Now he keeps silent, which he thinks makes his opinion that much more esoteric and sought after. He is arrogant and self important and never should have held the position that he does.

  • A Professional Method

    I do not believe Clarence Thomas's pattern of silence is significant. Clarence Thomas is a judge for the Supreme Court and he is also a conservative. He has no need to campaign or seek the approval of anyone. I think his silence is simply a matter of being professional and it shouldn't be questioned.

  • He's not just outspoken.

    No, I do not think that Clarence Thomas' pattern of silence is significant, because he is just trying to do a difficult job. As an African American conservative on the U.S. Supreme Court, Thomas faces opposition at every turn. Being silent is probably his manner of self-protection, because of all of the attacks.

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