• Yes it is

    Clash of clans is an amazing game. It's addicting and fun. Training troops, raiding other people and stealing their stuff, using resources, this game in three words or less, in my opinion it would be completely amazing overall. Long story short, clash of clans is an amazingly fun iOS game!

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  • Of course it is!

    Clash of Clans is by far my favorite mobile game of all time. The reason so many people don't like it is because you do need to do a large amount of waiting to be good at it, and most people quit very soon into it. I have been playing for about 10 months now, I'm level 73, I run a very successful clan that is level 5, and I even made a clan website for it, with weekly blogs. So you definitely need patience to play this game, and a lot of people don't have that.

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  • It's about having fun

    Many people say it's pay to win, and it is, if you want to be one of the best in the world, you have to drop some cash on, and in many cases a lot of money. But it's not cash reliant, you can play as much as you want for free, there is nothing in the game that requires tons of gems, save builders but even those are easy with achievements and gem boxes. What I'm trying to say is that gems aren't restrictions, just boosts for those willing to pay for them. For those who wish to play free you can and for free. Besides timers are necessary, without them everyone would be max instantly.

  • Its not about the money.

    Looking at the other arguments, people are saying that you need money to be good at clash of clans. Yes, you can pay money and get stuff but almost ANY game has money involved. The game is free and NOBODY is forcing you to pay anything. If you support supercell and want to pay for gems, that's fine. Clash of clans is a fun game and i love it. I'm only a town hall 7 in the gold 3 league and I've NEVER bought ANY gems. You don't need to have money to be good. It's just a game.

  • My favorite iOS game!

    I have been playing for almost a year now, and it has not gotten boring yet. The longer you play the more you can experience. I am a level 70, the clan I am apart of is called cywifi, it is a great clan that needs more loyal teammates. Anyone reading this should take a look at it and join!

  • Clash of clans is AWESOME!

    I like the game and it is incredibly fun to play. The fact that it is so easy to play and tons of constant fun and great interactions with being in clans with friends. Overall, clash of clans is my #1 app and i play it every day and it think clash of clans is GREAT! ._.

  • It is awesome

    I love this game and play it almost everyday! IT IS THE BOMB! I have maxed out everything for town hall level 7! I'm also in an awesome clan! It is called Bringers of Rain. No spaces. If you are active and is over level 60, then come on over to join!!!!!!

  • It's amazing, addicting, and easy to play.

    Seriously awesome. It takes a real skeptic to not like this game. Unless, of course, you have had a bad experience, but it really is legit. So many people play and the game is really user-friendly and has a great interface. It also has amazing updates, a great fan community, and a dedicated game studio behind it. What's not to like?

  • New update is going to suck ass.

    Clash of clans used to be a very fun game. Until this bull crap update was announced. I created a good defense base with my town hall inside and I got attacked 6 times in 10 minutes and lost 600,000 elixir. Super Cell needs to figure it out. It was fine the way it was.

  • We need to control...Its amazingf

    Yeah its fun but because of this game many student or not even a student almost everyone was addicted on it...They out of control,,,they playing while not minding there study,,because they mind on how to defeat there enemy..Yes it is good and amazing ,,,everyone love to play but just think about it,,,we play,,but then we need to gaave more attention on our study than this.We need to be fair..Study,games=happy right.

  • Despite its addictive nature, the game has very little substance.

    This game blatantly revolves around a cash-devouring business model, and it really isn't multiplayer -- you're never really interacting with other people; you're simply attacking bases that just as well could've been generated by the game. The wait times (inevitably designed to irk you, in accordance with the aforementioned model) become insidious as you progress through the game, and, in the end, the only way to stand a fighting chance of legitimate competition is through senseless grinding (staring at the screen and waiting) or expenditures, which become increasingly appealing.
    The game also strives to convince you that it is, indeed, a strategy game. However, it becomes clear that true progression through the game is gained through time and money, not skill.
    I find the game quite dull, and though the allure of climbing the ranks is ever-present, it's entirely unreasonable to do so in a reasonable manner with reasonable spending.
    The game caters to the business model, not the other way around, and it certainly doesn't cater to the players.

  • Time-energy system is the doom of gaming.

    When I first saw people getting addicted to Farmville and the game making loads of money, it took me with a bit of a surprise. And the f2p model became much more popular after that. Now, any popular game uses this model and I believe its corrupting the soul of video gaming. As a developer myself, I envy the success of supercell with all its three titles and applaud them. However, from day 1 I hated this time energy squeezing thing. I dont care if you have to pay to sit at the top of leaderboard, but what is worse that the gameplay is becoming focused on revenue generation model. CoC is a game that balances spending decision very well, and personally it did not irritate me. But, it is a fact that gameplay is designed around motives of money. And this kills the very core of gaming, which I used to perceive as having fun with art. I never liked this idea and probably never will. My fear is that most of gaming industry will follow the pattern just to compete, and what I recall as gaming will be history.

  • Who ever has the most cash wins.

    This games requires no skill at all. Unless you pay real money the buildings and troops take hours to be built. Also it is a pathetic excuse for an RTS you cant command your troops in any way you just put them down on the battlefield. Also the amount of money people who play this game are wasting is insane some guy wasted $3,000 in 3 months. If you want to play strategy games For example xcom enemy unknown just get a gaming pc or console.And lastly people who play this game think of how much money you've wasted on it.

  • Pay to win

    It's as simple as this. The more gems you have, the better you are. The actually good players have to wait and wait and wait. Starting off is pretty hard. As I said before: pay to win. Most of the top players spent money to get to where they are now. A friend of mine spent a large sum of money for an average clans of clans account. I personally don't find it fun or exciting.

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icebob99 says2014-01-04T20:29:53.073
Check out my forum post for clash of Clans! I want to get the clashers in DDO together.