Do you think clock-boy will win his lawsuit of 50 million dollars against his school?

Asked by: CraftyMiscreant
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  • This is ridiculous.

    He escapes persecution in America by going to Quatar which has slaves. I had sympathy with him in the beginning but now I see him trying to steal money and punish innocent people. Then again its not really him, its his parents. This was not worth 50 million dollars. Come on.

  • I don't think he will win his lawsuit.

    He walked int a school with a ticking noise in his bag, which raised some eyebrows. He claims that since he was peacefully detained after this incident, that he lost his "creativity" and he fears that people will try to kill him because he is a minority. I'm sorry, but the kid had no creativity to begin with. He took a clock and put it in a briefcase. He's playing identity politics, and at this point, I don't think he can prove hardship because of his stupid decision.

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