• Keep Piers, try a different time slot.

    I love Piers Morgan - he has such a dry sense of humor. I say CNN should keep Piers Morgan Live and maybe try moving it to a different time slot for a while. Or perhaps put a co-host with him - someone he could verbally joust with to keep the show fun and lively.

  • Piers Morgan should stay on

    I think the CNN show Piers Morgan live should not be canceled. The show has not done anything the violates any type of rights and is an expression of speech. Piers Morgan bring his own unique interpretation of the current news and events. He also has thousands of followers who listen to his style of news.

  • They need better

    The tv show on CNN hosted by that of Piers Morgan does not need to continue on the same path that it is on. Morgan has expressed that he does not want to even host the show anymore so why should they? Also the show has not brought a lot of viewers.

  • No, I think CNN should cancel Piers Morgan Live.

    Piers Morgan Live has suffered from low ratings and poor reviews since it started so I think it's in CNN best interest to cancel the show and replace it with something their viewers are more likely to watch, news networks are businesses and wish to make the most profitable decisions.

  • Need New Programs

    I have not watched a lot of Piers Morgan Live and I personally think CNN should cancel the program. I think CNN needs new programs to draw a younger crowd. I think they also need some journalists who will work outside of the box and they need to be allowed to do so.

  • I Think CNN can find a Better Show

    While I sometimes like Piers' opinions, I rather listen to less opinionated newscasting. CNN has other newscasters and I am sure they can find one who either wants another show or a new newscaster altogether. I think Piers Morgan has run his course and I can honestly say I will not miss him.

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