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  • I don't trust CNN polls.

    I see all I need to see in about 5 minutes of watching CNN. Their somewhat childish obsession with twisting everything that happens to try and make Trump look bad is not only annoying regardless of my political leanings, it causes me not to trust anything they say. If you catch your roommate stealing money from your wallet, you don't leave your bank card lying around either. I have caught CNN being dishonest in their reporting-therefore I don't trust their polling either.

  • I don't think polls are very accurate period.

    Polls are limited in giving accurate results simply due to the small number of individuals who participate in the poll and the demographic. They are administered to only small portions of the population and cannot give an accurate reading of real opinion. While they do give a general idea on how people will vote it is far from accurate.

  • No, CNN polls are not accurate.

    No, I do not believe that CNN tracking polls are accurate, in fact I believe most polls are inaccurate. The problem with polls is that they are often taken by the primary audience of that news source. A Fox News poll would show republicans in favor where a CNN poll may show democrats in favor.

  • CNN tracking polls are not necessarily accurat

    No, CNN tracking polls do not seem to be very accurate. Neither do other polls. A lot of stock is put into these polls, but it doesn't seem people are really thinking about where these polls come from. Yes, pollsters claim to be using scientific methods to increase accuracy, but they necessarily depend on humans who are notoriously unpredictable. People are not always selected randomly, sample groups do not always reflect the general public, and people do not always answer honestly.

  • I dont trust anything I see on TV.

    Most news networks have special interests in mind or only poll a certain group of people. Most polls are biased depending on which station you watch. The only real way to find out who will win the presidency is find out on the day of the election when it really matters.

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