• Just the ones that are always at the beach

    The people who like to go swimming or surfing after a storm are at risk of having health problems. Surfers do not like to miss a day of surfing and often go surfing right after it rains. That is the worse time to go into the ocean because the storm stirs up the waters, which bring all kinds of garbage up to the surface and to the shore. It is sad what we have done to our oceans and coastline.

  • Yes,there has to be long term issues

    The fact is you can't have that much garbage dumped into the ocean and not have some kind of health impact. The gulf coast can only take so much pollution. Its going to get into other bodies of water. The impact from eating the fish from that body of water alone with have health implications. Its a lose lose situation..

  • yes it does

    yes, i think that all of the pollution that is in the beaches is going to cause a whole lot of problems for the people that are on the beaches. I think that it is a problem that we need to fix right away, and that will end up bad.

  • We monitor for it.

    No, I do not think that coastal pollution in American causes health problems to beach goers, because pollutants are monitored, and most beaches are shut down before there is a problem. Also, many of the problems with beaches, such as swimmers itch, occur naturally from animal activity and are not the fault of coastal pollution.

  • No, I do not.

    I have looked into this and have found no evidence of coastal pollution in America causing health problems to beach goers. Of course, coastal pollution is part of a larger global pollution problem that needs to be addressed immediately, otherwise we will face dire circumstances very soon. This is not a joke.

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