• Way out of unemployment

    If the jobs that you have are not working for you and you find yourself between work all the time or unemployed for a long time. A change of career may help your standards and choice for a better option. Especially, If the previous choices a poor and leading nowhere.

  • available to everyone

    I personally agree,There are people who are in the world right now that cannot afford to go to college. They might have brilliant brains that could help support the world, or have ideas that could change the world completely. However, all those ideas vanish because of the barrier in front of them. They cannot afford to go to colleges. We do not know what those people have in their minds. Most and high likely, they would benefit us even a little bit. My teacher's friend got accepted into Harvard but couldn't afford to pay the tuition. Therefore, I strongly support the idea saying that colleges should be free.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, I think that everyone in the nation needs to have the option to be able to go off to a higher education and get to be trained in one area. This will make our nation a lot more competitive against all of the other nations that are in the world.

  • I think college education should be available to everyone.

    I think college education should be available to everyone. People who come from poor economic backgrounds should be afforded the right to go to the same schools as people who come from rich backgrounds. This should be made possible by the use of Government subsidies to those students who qualify academically to attend a college but are unable to afford the tuition.

  • No, college education should not be available to everyone.

    I do not think a college education should be available to anyone. There are already various ways to get a college education should a financial obstacle be one of the reasons a person cannot get one. Getting an academic or athletic scholarship are some ways to get it. College is a privilege, not a right.

  • It needs to be for the few.

    No, I do not think that a college education should be available for everyone, because then it would not be something special. A college education needs to be a certification that a person is skilled in a certain area, rather than just a certificate saying that the person showed up for class for a period of time.

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