• College freshman have changed.

    I do believe that college freshman have changed. While some of the old standards will always exist, I think that the youth of today understand the economic situation and realize that they must make the most of the education opportunity they have been given. With rising tuition and stiffer competition for careers, they must take their futures more seriously and make every moment count.

  • Freshmen have changed in the last 30 years.

    College freshmen have changed in the last 30 years to being more selfish, more spoiled, and less keen on caring about their long-term future. They are more selfish -- being more interested in having casual relationships than actually having romantic relationships. They are spoiled, thinking their parents are here to serve THEM. And finally, while they think about their future, they don't have much of the gut instinct it takes to get them where they need to in life.

  • Not for 100 years.

    No, I do not think that college freshman have changed, because they are still idealistic partygoers. College freshman are still what they were 100 years ago. They still want to change the world. They still want to find out who they are. They still like to party and drink too much.

  • No I Don't

    College freshman are those entering college for the first time and those that are under about 18 credit hours worth of class time. Most of these students are between the ages of 18 and 20, but some are adults returning to education at a later time in life. I do not believe this group of people has changed any more than is standard, as years and generations often make a huge difference.

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