• Fewer and fewer jobs for people with no college degree.

    I think college is an excellent investment. As time progresses, society is becoming more and more technology based, and there are fewer and fewer jobs left for people who are less educated. Most of these jobs end up being exported. If you want to find a decent job in the future, you need as many qualifications as you can get.

  • It Can Be

    I believe college can be a good investment nowadays, but that comes with a lot of strings. To make it a good investment you have to plan ahead. Know what your major will be, before you fill out the application and make sure that the school supports scheduling in a way that allows you to complete the course requirements in four years or less. Secondly and more importantly, only study fields where business is absolutely booming and there is a lot of hiring going on.

  • College is not a good investment nowadays.

    College is not a good investment nowadays. I think that college and universities are just way overpriced for the education that they give. Most employers want people with experience and college education is important to finding out what you are interested in. However, for the price and debt that we suffer, it is not the wise choice.

  • There are no jobs.

    No, I do not think that college is a good investment nowadays, because most of the time, the student comes out and they cannot get a better job than they had when they went in. Students should get jobs and learn practical skills instead. College hardly pays off, unless the student studies something very specific.

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