• Yes, college is important.

    A college education gives an individual an important well rounded education. This is important not only for the individuals themselves, but foe the advancement of our culture. One clear advantage to having a college education is from an employers vantage point. For an individual to follow through and complete advanced education gives a potential employer a window into an individuals site, vision an orientation.

  • Experience is key.

    College is gone to this stage anyway almost as if it is a realisation that it is true. Experience is more important. Do you think it is important to know half the stuff learned at college level anyway. Some courses yes, some no. Overall though if I had a lad in front of me with more experience and who gets on well with people I would probably hire him over some ape just out of college. Btw how many graduates can you say are working medial jobs and not what they are trained for. Is there anything wrong with medial work? No except when the person doing it isnt happy doing it. Can they do unpaid internships? No. Is it their fault? No. They need to work in order to be 'just over broke'.They need to put into place a body that gives undergraduates an opportunity to work in a variety of areas of a field whereby they will submit assignments but will not need to attend classes as such. RESEARCH IS PARAMOUNT. That is my view anyway.

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