Do you think college tuition rates should differ based upon the viability of the degree earned?

  • I like the statment

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  • Yes, tutition should be based on degree viability

    If we assume that the pursuit of a college degree is to get a job and make money, than scaled pricing for degrees could help students choose a degree more wisely and better understand the possible future financial implications of their degree choice. Scaled pricing could also more fairly distribute debt incurred from pursuing higher education, a growing problem in the US.

  • Different degrees and progress should have different rates

    Every college has a number of different degree programs. Many students go to college every year for different degrees and understanding and therefore the tuition and time spent in school should not be the same. Even certain levels of where you are in college should not be the same in my opinion either.

  • College tuition should vary based on the degree earned

    There are many degrees that require a lot more money for computers, books, supplies, and in this case the tuition should be lowered. Where degrees do not require a lot of money for books, technology, etc, then the tuition should be increased, but slightly. As it stands today, tuition is far to expensive for University Students and should be lowered regardless for all degree majors.

  • Yes I do.

    I think college tuition rates should be made more available due to the type of degree and how likely it will be the person gets that far to actually attaining it. I think if it is common degree like associates or bachelor than it is something that should not cost much.

  • That Actually Makes Sense...

    ...for the student, but not the institution. I do not believe college tuition rates should differ based upon the viability of the degree earned because the cost to provide those degrees is rarely different between fields. Of course there are degrees that cost more simply because the jobs are more involved and require more education, such as doctors and lawyers, so I believe in the way this idea is viable, it already applies.

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