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  • Makes Travel Too Expensive

    Colleges out west should not join the Big East for several reasons. First, travel expenses get worse for schools that need to come east. Second, the Big East will have to change its name to something else. It's bad enough Creighton joined the Big East. Perhaps Colorado or Utah is next.

  • No, thebig East belongs in the east

    This is an easy question. If western colleges are allowed to join the Big East, the entire division system should be revised. Since the system exists to allow schools to compete without having to travel all over the nation, the geographical system seems like the best current practice for forming conferences.

  • Keep some leagues aligned

    Colleges out west should not join the Big East because that would confuse people and go against years of tradition. If they wanted to do something like that then they need to change the names of the leagues so they make some sense to the general public. Moving across the nation would not make sense.

  • No, I do not

    I think the biggest issue is keeping the students from traveling so much,but they also call it the Big East for a reason. Things have changed in the past 10 years and conferences have shifted all around,but call me crazy. The Big East should stay on the east side of the country.

  • Let each region have their own policies.

    Colleges out West should not join the Big East. This is because each region should have their own policies and individualities. Not everyone in the country is a sports enthusiast or wants to be part of the Big East. It seems more like a popularity contest than anything else that would be useful for college students.

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