Do you think commercial law in the United States is sufficient (yes) or inadequate (no) to protect American consumers?

  • There's so much protection.

    Yes, I think that commercial law in the United States is sufficient, because there are already a great deal of protections for American consumers, and they have recourses when they have problems. Today, if a product doesn't have the best design possible, you can sue for that. If you are hurt, you can sue for that.

  • Yes, commercial law in the USA is sufficient.

    I think that the current law we have in the United States in regards to protect American Consumers with the commercial law is sufficient. I think that it is good enough to make sure that the American consumer is protected against some bad businesses and operations. It shouldn't be changed.

  • Consumers Not Protected

    I believe if someone thinks that consumers are protected in this customer, they have a lot to learn. Commercial laws are inadequate in the United States and in some cases, such as cable companies, customers have no choice at all. Customers are not protected by these laws, companies find plenty of ways to harm their customers.

  • More commercial laws to protect consumers.

    People, as smart as they are individually, seem to be inexcusably ignorant in groups. So as a group they need to be protected, most of all from themselves. And they need a barrier between them and shady characters that just want what's in their wallets. I really wish people could be trusted to handle their own affairs completely but I have seen that they can not.

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