Do you think common core is lowering learning standards for our children?

  • Yes, the common core is lowering learning standards.

    I definitely think that the common core is something that can lower the learning standard of the children. I think that the principles and policy of it is something that is more concerned about making it easier to achieve a goal for a student rather than making sure that they learn what they need to.

  • Common Core is Kinda Dumb

    Common Core and most standardized versions of what American children should know are lowering standards for children because it seems to be about a laundry list of items and facts that a kids should know, and not the critical thinking skills necessary to find and use that information on your own.

  • Common core is same as other learning methods

    This program is same as other learning methods being offered in United States and there is no reason to think that this program is not standard for children, because the initial base of this program is made up of core concept of every course and the details that teachers learn how to transfer the core concept of courses to students.

  • No, I don't think common core is lowering learning standards for our children.

    Common core is a new ideology that has is still be modifying for maximum effectiveness in classrooms, right now I think it's not as good as it could be but after modifications are made I think the nations educations system will benefit greatly from widespread adoption of the common core standards.

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