• Common Sense exists because of failures by all of us to step outside of our own shoes and into somebody else's.

    Point A

    Your'e trying to learn something. On the one hand, you have person A telling you that you need to use evidence to support everything you do. Person A occupies an academic sphere of life, where they are forced to tell the learner what the current ideal is. So you take this in and try to apply it in your practice.

    The practice environment, whatever this may be. Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing deals with a lot of tacit, unwritten rules that govern everyday functions, often unique to a culture, that have been socialized over years. Practitioners in reality have acquired from experience short cuts or heuristic processes to save time, and have often forgotten what it was like to learn in the first place.

    The complexity of the environment to the novice is visible, but to the experienced expert or proficient person B it is invisible. So person B is blind to the problems the novice faces but not blind to the novices mistakes and failures, thus attributing them to the person, rather than taking account of the environment (Fundamental Attribution Error). Often they point out to the novice something along the lines of "It's not rocket science. It's common sense really. I can't understand where your difficulty comes from". Another good one is "You are very intelligent, I have not doubt, but it seems to be stuck in your head. You don't seem to be able to get it into your hands."

    The novice wants to protest, but is helpless in the face of everybody else's experience. They've all become blind to the problem (Group Think)(Consensus Trance).

    Point B (I like this one better).

    Ever see a baby born that could wipe its own bum. (Thought not).

  • "Common sense" must be articulated.

    More is required than simply saying the words "common sense". It requires context to show that this knowledge would reside in the common person. Simply invoking the phrase is not a determination of obviousness, it is overreaching. It is also often wrong. Common sense told people the Earth was flat. Without describing particulars, the phrase is meaningless.

  • Common sense doesn't exist.

    There really is no such thing as common sense. There is instinct, and this is how you automatically react to something taking place, but common sense is a farce. Everything that is thought to be common sense is learned behavior. You see others do it or hear others do it, and learn to do it yourself. Monkey see, monkey do.

  • No, Common sense should be taught about more in school and etc.

    I feel like common sense isn't brought up like it should be. People who have common sense wouldn't watch Momo and kill their self and bully others to make them feel horrible and then want to kill their selves. People need to be respected and be kind and nice to others as well as themselves. People bully because they don't love themselves first and they take their anger and take it out on other people which isn't right to do at all. This is why people should have common sense and why common sense should be taught more about common sense.

  • Common sense doesn't get any credit these days.

    Common sense is under-rated. People these days pay more attention to what their friends and the media are pushing on them than what is actually good for them. Our citizens really need to take a hard look at their personal decision-making, ecpecially in the areas of drinking, drugging, debt, and relationships.

  • No, common sense is underrated.

    No, common sense is underrated in how important and beneficial it is in everyone day to day life. When people lack common sense, something hazardous could come from it. This could be hazardous to the person, or anyone around them. Common sense is tough, because it cannot really be taught. A person either has it and makes better decisions, or they do not have it and made bad decisions in life.

  • Day to day

    I think that the most successful people are those that have a lot of common sense, and know the difference between right and wrong. With a good head on your shoulders you can get good jobs and work your way to the top, even without a very high education history.

  • Common sense is underrated.

    Common sense is imperative in living in today's world. I have met many people who are very smart, yet lack common sense. The result is someone who cannot apply the knowledge they possess because they lack the common sense to do so. Common sense allows people to function in the world they live in. Thus, it is very important.

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