Do you think computers help (yes) or harm (no) kids with dyslexia?

  • Maybe they could help

    I do not see how a computer can harm kids or anyone else with dyslexia, I mean at the very least the computers can help them by displaying pictures at a slow rate to help them with words and with their reading by using some sort of flash cards system.

  • I Would Guess They Help

    I am not certain on this but I would have to guess that computers help children with dyslexia more than they harm them. There's a few reasons for my thinking. Sometimes computers can have games or display information in a more visual and interactive way for children, so it comes naturally to them. This may make it easier for the child with dyslexia to comprehend something, but it may also give them more confidence when off the computer as well. Secondly, there are numerous fonts available on computers and different fonts may make it easier for them to read.

  • Computers help kids with dyslexia.

    The primary advantage of computers for kids with dyslexia is that they provide alternative platforms that children with learning disabilities can consult through internet and software resources. Through these websites and applications, children can idependently further their education. In this context, they provide help for dyslexic children that is not as limited in its scope as classroom assistance may be.

  • Computers Speed Up Learning, Writing

    Computers, at least in my experience, speed up typing and writing. I noticed in college that I started to transpose letters in my handwritten class notes and wondered where it came from. I realized that I type so much and I transpose letters because I type so quickly. My transposing happened unconsciously in my handwriting because I typed on the computer. So, I think computers don't help kids with dyslexia because of the speed things happen.

  • Computers Cause Worse Dyslexia Symptoms

    Unfortunately, computers don't necessarily help children with dyslexia. Computer use among this demographic might even worsen the condition because computers display so much text in a limited area. Computers can be used with special programs to reduce dyslexia's effects on children, but normal computer use definitely doesn't help the condition.

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