• Yes, Absolutely, Undoubtedly

    According to multiple Supreme Court rulings, corporations are people.

    Therefore, Congress works for the people. Whether they're repealing the Glass-Steagall Act and allowing banks to bet on risky securities, authorizing unnecessary foreign wars and surveillance or attempting to give your social security dollars to private holdings, it's obvious they are working for YOU!

  • They definitely work for the special interests

    Congress works for the special interest groups first, then they work for the American people. Of course, if we work in the fact that special interests groups hate anything that goes against their groups, then congress pretty much works for the special interests groups only. Every once in a while, congress may throw the American people a bone to quiet the critics.

  • No, Congress only wants to stay in office.

    No, Congress does not work for the people as the people don't have the kind of money it takes to keep Congressmen and Congresswomen in office. So they work for special interests to ensure they continue to get money. It's a sad cycle that undermines our democracy in the United States.

  • Not For Me

    I do not believe Congress works for the American people, I think they are far more concerned with lobbyists, businesses, and special interests. I've contacted my representative about two items and gave them good reasons why they should be so, and yet they both get knocked out, every time. Government doesn't listen to the common citizen, especially not the poor ones.

  • For Special Interests

    The vast majority of congress people are concerned primarily with getting re-elected. As such, their primary focus is on securing campaign financing in order to increase their chances of getting elected again. To do this, they need to appease special interests which have the means to seek favorable legislative treatment at the expense of the rest of America who has neither the time nor motivation to be similarly organized.

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