• Health insurance is unaffordable for many

    We have a consumer driven health insurance plan. Our portion for our family of 5 is $600 through my husband's employer. This is deemed affordable according to the ACA and we can't shop on the exchanges and get a subsidy. Our annual maximum-out-of-pocket expense is 10k. I do not consider over 17k per year for health insurance/health care to be affordable - that's twice our annual mortgage payment.

    Also, as a consumer driven health care plan we are meant to price health care options and find the most affordable one. I recently had to have a small surgical procedure. Doctors, hospitals, etc... Can NOT tell you how much the procedure will be. Try it! It's practically impossible to find out the cost ahead of time. On the web it listed the procedure as being any where from $1200 - $5000. (Medicare is reimbursed approx. $600 for the same procedure).

    We're one of those middle class families slowly going broke and using up our savings paying for annual health care.

  • Consumer-directed Health Plans Are Too Expensive

    Consumer-directed health plans are too expensive for sure. Everyone knows that McDonald's is cheap, and this is possible as MacDonald's specialises in hamburgers, no pizza, no fancy steak, just hamburgers. So specialisation, in the case of the health system - pre-chosen and customised therapies, treatments and medication is cheap. On the opposite detailed, multi-optioned plans are expensive.

  • Yes, consumer-directed health plans are too expensive.

    Yes, I believe consumer-directed health plans are too expensive. In fact, health plans across the board are too expensive; insurance plans are a scam. Doctors need to look to their roots as servants of the people, who work to make people healthy and whole, rather than work with insurance companies to charge outrageous rates because people have no other health care option.

  • Yes, consumer-directed health plans are unaffordable

    Yes, consumer-directed health plans are too expensive. It is my view that these plans prevent the impoverished majority from receiving the health care they need. In fact, consumers often choose not to purchase these plans due to their high cost at the risk of facing even greater expense involved in medical care needed down the road. Government funded health care options, whether these be completely free health care or vastly reduced prices for health care, would enable more people to receive the care they require to remain healthy.

  • No, I do not believe consumer-directed health care plans are too expensive.

    No, I do not believe consumer-directed health care plans are too expensive. When you consider the cost of medical attention, the cost of a health plan allows you to spead the costs over time instead. If you put the cost of medical attention on some sort of credit the costs would be no different.

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