Do you think corporate tax rates should increase (yes) or decrease (no) irrespective of job creation?

  • Yes, for people

    Well, with money we get, we can help poor people and environment. As you know, right now the environment is really bad, but with money we get, we can invent a lot of things. Besides, where we will get money? Normal people? Well the point is big company makes a lot of money (really a lot) than normal. So, as a following result, inceasing tax to big company is actually fair to everybody

  • Progressive taxation schemes are the fairest

    I've heard all the reports about all of the large corporations with billions of dollars in profit who pay zero taxes. I've even heard of large, profitable corporations that receive tax payer subsidies. I don't think this is fair when middle class families and working class families are expected to pay taxes. We must pursue a progressive taxation policy for a more equal and just nation.

  • Corporate tax rates

    I think the corporate tax rates should not be increased, but actually decreased. If you lessen the burden that companies have to pay to the federal government, this will open up more money for them to create new jobs for Americans. This will have a positive trickle down effect that will boost our economy.

  • No, there are better ways to generate revenue than corporate taxes.

    A corporation that is reinvesting all of its profits into the company is growing the economy. The corporation should not be punished via taxation for growing the economy. A corporation that is paying its profits out to shareholders as dividends has created an opportunity to tax those dividends. Either a corporation is reinvesting its profits or it is paying them out to shareholders, which can then be taxed. Increased taxes on the corporation is unnecessary double dipping.

  • A stronger economy is a benefit to the nation.

    Sodas are taxed in order to cause people to drink less of them. Many clamor to tax fast food so that people eat less of it. This shows that most people are aware that a tax on something reduces it, and the same goes for tax rates. If you tax corporations (i.e. business) you will get less businesses and thus less overall service and product, this seems like a backwards way to raise more tax revenue or develop a nations resources and labor.

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