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  • Corporations aren't people.

    Corporations aren't people, so they shouldn't be treated as people. Corporations are collections are various individuals. Moreover, corporations can, and often do, lack the moral compass of people and ethics in general unless it suits there needs. Corporations are about making a profit and should be looked at from an economic viewpoint.

  • Corporations Are Not Human

    Corporations are collections of human beings, many of whom believe that their profit should come ahead of any other human being's need on earth. There is nothing sacred about these organizations. They have attempted to be treated as human beings for various financial benefits for themselves, but they are not human. They should have to pay high taxes, particularly if they are responsible for polluting or if there is a drastic difference between CEO pay and the lowest paid worker in the corporation.

  • Corporations should not be treated equally to individuals under the law.

    If corporations are to receive equal protections under the law they need to suffer equal punishments as well. When corporations were first granted equality, a number of states reserved the right to strip them of their holdings and dissolve them if they broke the law. This is a good idea and necessary, particularly in light of the abuses that corporations have shown themselves capable of and the difficulty of assigning actual blame for illegal activities within them.

  • Corporations should have the same rights as individuals

    Corporations should not have the same rights as individuals. You are dealing with two entirely seperate things when you are dealing with the rights of individuals. These people need to have different boundrias set up on their spending laws so that it doesnt come back to haunt us in the long run.

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