Do you think covenant marriages should be more mainstream in the United States?

  • People should take it seriously.

    Yes, I think that covenant marriages should be more mainstream in the United States, because people need to take it seriously. Covenant marriages encourage people to think about why they are getting married and what they hope to accomplish with their marriages. It would make marriage stronger in the United States.

  • US divorce rate is too high.

    Covenant marriages should be more mainstream in the United States. Covenant marriages are suppose to make relationship stronger and families stronger. Marriage is just now seen as a contract that we could just opt out of after a couple of years like a cell phone. Marriage is suppose to be the way covenant marriages are. Forever.

  • Covenant Marriages should be more mainstream in the US.

    Covenant marriages present many positives to the concept of marriage. It encourages the fact that marriage is a commitment, and today many people simply jump in without realizing this commitment. Covenant marriage encourages pre-marriage counseling and requires more limited demands for divorce. It also promotes stronger marriages, and makes marriage a desirable and honorable thing.

  • No It Shouldn't

    Having read a little bit about covenant marriages I find them interesting but irrational. I honestly think that is a choice that the couple needs to make and people shouldn't feel obligated. I personally do not think a covenant marriage is going to stop people from divorcing, therefore I have to assume the process is more pricey when trying to undo a covenant marriage. So, in this case, we have lawyers who probably profit from these laws. I'm not really keen with that, so we shouldn't spread these harder to break marriages around the country.

  • No, covenant marriages should not be more mainstream.

    I do not think that covenant marriages should be more mainstream in the United States of America. I just do not see any reason for it. I think that such marriages are a little odd to be honest. But if people want to get married using the process then they should.

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