Do you think criminals get their guns illegally and how?

Asked by: LukeMckeown
  • 97% in fact.

    95% - 97% of crimes with gun are done Illegally. That is a fact. Making guns illegal won't change it, it'll just make the 5-3% that isn't illegal suddenly illegal.

    Mostly from Mexico, and poorly managed gun shops. Many might come in through Alaska (Russia). Blah blah, 50 word limit.

  • Illegally,legally, by any means necessary!

    Gun shows, friends , squares willing to make legit purchases for a fee. He'll I know a dude with an arsenal in his mommas name. Guns will always get into the wrong hands. I'd feel like I had a better chance if those hands were holding 17 shots instead of 50.

  • We can never track ownership back to them

    I think that a majority of criminals obtain their guns illegally. Most likely I think they just familarize themselves with a friend or family member who has a gun and take it or they just buy it illegally. Most of the times a criminal commits a crime with a gun they can never trace the weapon back to him because he does not own the gun. Hence I do not understand the overwhelming need for guns.

  • Yes they do.

    Criminals have to get there guns illegally because if you go to jail for a serious crime, it is illegal to own a gun. How do they get there guns. They steal them from law abiding citizens, or they get there guns from the black market. I rest my case.

  • All sources say yes.

    There is an astounding amount of evidence supporting the fact that criminals get illegal guns. They either steal them, get them from other countries, or sometimes even make them. They can also get them from second hand sources, which are impossible to regulate. You can ban them, but as has happened in EVERY SINGLE CASE IN HISTORY, gun restrictions lead to more crime.

  • Yes they do

    Criminals get their guns illegally its for obvious reason as if they are purchasing guns for their criminal activities and if they get it registered, they would be caught easily by the police. And of course registered guns would cost them more.
    They get it from some traders that illegally sell those guns to them, probably they have some fixed dealers.

  • From legal sources.

    Obviously they can get their guns illegally, but what's also important is where those illegal weapons come from.

    Jay Wachtel, from the ATF, describes the most common sources of illegal weapons: in first place is the straw purchase, in second is a corrupt Federal Firearm Licensee, and in third place comes the unlicensed street dealer, whom is likely to have obtained his weapons by purchasing from a licensed dealer. Guns are sold legally within the United States only to be then illegally sold to American criminals, and so the idea that the black market of weapons is completely detached from the legal trade seems to be a fantasy.


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