Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo is the best football player in Real Madrid?

  • Yes, the beast is the best as well

    Consistency and versatility are the two main strengths of ronaldo which players like Messi ( Barcelona player) lack. Ronaldo does look arrogant, compared to the humble Messi, but its what keeps his blood running. There is not even a comparison between the two, because Ronaldo is a complete footballer, he might lack the dribbling talent that Messi has, but has other exceptional features. Look at his beast headers for example, they are like gunshots. You can see them coming but can't stop. Ronaldo more entertaining to watch than any other players.

  • Yes he is

    Cristiano ronaldo is easily the best player at real madrid. If he is one of the best in the world and there is no one from real madrid ahead of him on the list which makes him the best there easy. So there is my argument and my opinion,

  • Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is Madrid's best player

    Yes, I believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in Real Madrid. Ronaldo has demonstrated that he is by far Real Madrid's best player since transferring to the team from Manchester United. He has scored in excess of a goal every game whilst at Madrid, which is practically unheard of in the modern era. Judging on his goal record alone would place him as the best player in the world never mind Real Madrid.

  • He is the best.

    Can you name anyone on the team that has his abilities? Are any of his team mates as good at ball handling and passing? Is there anyone who is able to score at will like he can? Can you name one person on Real Madrid with his star power? I certainly can't.

  • Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo has the best foot ball skills in Real Madrid.

    Cristiano Ronaldo has been the V.I.P player many times in Real Madrid, and from what I have seen Cristiano Ronaldo has skills that rival that of Lionel Messi's in football. He broke the record for goals scored in a single championship, He has 251 goals in all competitions since his transfer to Real Madrid in 2009. Ronaldo is one of the best foot ball players in my opinion.

  • Measurement of 'Best Football Player' Unclear.

    It is unfair to say that Christiano Ronaldo is the best player in Real Madrid because it is difficult to believe that he is truly the best at everything. While he may excel in many areas of the sport, who is to say that someone else on his team isn't better at scoring or running the ball or even the best at fouling.

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