• To an extent, yes

    If a teen desperately wants to go out and get into trouble they're going to find a way to do so, but for the majority the curfew discourages such behavior. The risk/reward just isn't worth it to them, so in that way the curfew is effective in keeping them out of trouble.

  • Yes. I believe curfews keep teens out of trouble.

    Yes. I believe curfews keep teens out of trouble, because it eliminates all the risk. It is the perfect remedy for that particular problem. If children are not out late, it is impossible for them to be affected by the dangers of being out late at night. Curfews definitely keep teens out of trouble.

  • Yes, curfews help teens keep out of trouble.

    My son got out of school at 3:10 PM every day when he was in high school. He had to be home for curfew by 3:30PM every day. He made it through high school without ever drinking or getting in trouble. Once he turned 18 and moved out he immediately was arrested with alcohol, drugs, and a prostitute. If I was able to continue his curfew this would have never happened.

  • Yes, curfews that are abided by can keep teens out of trouble.

    Official city curfews are a good idea, since they keep teens off the streets late at night. But parents can also set curfews that apply only to their households. Any type of curfew that gets kids back at home is helpful. As people get tired, their discretion is lowered, and the later people are up, the more reckless their behavior can become. So I personally think curfews are a wise idea.

  • Curfews keep teens out of trouble.

    Curfews keep teens out of trouble. We do not want them roaming the street at night and therefore curfews are a good idea for the parents to put in place. Without it, many teens would be out in the middle of the night getting into trouble and even possibly getting hurt.

  • No it just makes teens feel like parents don't trust them

    Teens feel locked up when they have curfews. You may think your keeping your teen out of trouble but actually making them come home at a certain time will just make them bad. Did you have a curfew when you were a teen? Honestly how did that make you feel. Teens need to make their own mistakes if they don't then how are they going to learn their lessons. Don't give your teen a curfew. Yes you can give them rules and hopefully they will respect you enough to follow your rules but just don't give them a specific time to come home.

  • Parenting keeps teens out of trouble.

    Curfews don't do much. Teens can be out on the street in the middle of night without causing trouble. When I was in school a teenager worked a paper route in the early morning to make extra money. That was a responsible adult thing for this teenager to be doing. Curfews have nothing to do with keeping teens out of trouble. Good parenting is the most likely thing to keep teens on the straight and narrow.

  • Curfews do not keep teens out of trouble

    Like a person said before parenting keeps teens out of trouble. We have to allow a child to make their own mistakes because it gives them a chance to grow from it. Teaching them the right ways of life is the important thing because a teen can cause trouble anytime of the day, no matter where they are. It can cause the parent and child relationship to become distant because the child may feel like their parent(s) dont trust them and it can cause a wedge. We have to allow them to have their freedom and trust them that they will reflect on what they were taught.

  • My honest opinion

    Okay here's my point we all where young we all had the times and moments where we all wanted to really do something fun and maybe in a way learn from what we did right or wrong. Some not all of us had curfew and when the few of us got that freedom we bolted and ran for the few hills around. I learned from all mistakes and good dead's i have done . I also learned that to raise a young teen you dont have to beat or put so many restrictions on them just talk them see what and where there going and whom with. Research where the place is even ask to take them to the event or destination. These are thing s we should do instead of beating and hurting are young teens who are only growing up and learning as we all did and to be honest don't we want the next generation to be better then the last past generations that truly in a way a few not all didn't learn and never even gave the effort to change and better the future thank you for listening and my names : Jose R Ortega I'm from Paterson New Jersey and i'm 26 that's my honest opinion

  • They'll skip the curfew!

    What's enforcing the curfew?
    I could be a lunatic teenager running around cleverly disguised as an adult or something.
    Any serious and effective attempt would trample on so many civil rights to be ridiculous.
    Eduardo's teammates ran shrieking into the depths of the abandoned tanker, the grunting lustful Orks in swift pursuit.

  • Teen will be cultural shocked

    They can't do thing on their own.. They can't adapt to the circumstance. They never step on their feet.They will easily influence by their new friend. As example they will smoke and take drug .These particular thing will ruin their own live in the future.Their mama will not like that

  • Curfews cause more trouble for teens than its worth!

    They cause more trouble because teens like taking chances and having freedom. Teens need freedom to learn how to cope outside in the real world. And if its right to stop teens from explore day, than why is it wrong to explore during the middle of the night were they might be more comfortable.

  • They are wrong and unfair

    Teens should be allowed freedom. They shouldn't have curfews. If you give your son or daughter a curfew, chances are good that they won't listen to you and go out anyways. If you set too many rules and have to much power over your kids, they'll eventually just go crazy and they won't listen to you anymore. Curfews don't help. Teens will go out by themselves whether you have a curfew or not.

  • Curfews Are Important

    I do not believe curfews, by themselves, keep teens out of trouble. I believe, for curfews to really matter they have to be presented and enforced by the parent. I think this is a good method for parents to use to teach responsibility, but it also shows that they care enough to set limits. Curfews set by outside sources, like the government, are unjustice and unfair.

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