• Chinese leaders are steadfast

    Current Chinese leaders ardently follow the principles of Maoism. If they did not, they would of never been allowed to go up the ladder of politics in china. The leaders are some of the most strict adherents to the culture and it is very difficult to change that pattern because the Chinese are set in their ways.

  • Yes, Chinese leaders ardently follow principles of Maoism.

    I think that even in this day and age, it is clear that the leaders of China continue the values and principles of Maoism. Even though the leader had died a long time ago, it is evident that his beliefs and ways continue in the country of China and are continued by the people who lead the nation.

  • It is a mix.

    No, I do not think that Chinese leaders ardently follow principles of Maoism, because they have a blend of Maosim and free market economics. The buying and selling and the profit that goes on in China today is nothing that Mao would allow. But they still have the one-child policy and other things he would have approved of.

  • China is More Free Market Now

    Although China is still a Communist nation, current Chinese leaders don't ardently follow Maoist principles whatsoever. China needs to be more capitalistic in today's consumer-based society in the first place. Otherwise, China wouldn't be the world power it is right now unless it adapted more to capitalism. If anything, today's leaders in China prove Maoism is dead.

  • Modern Chinese Communist Aren't Maoist.

    The current crop of Chinese Communist may allow the state to still quasi revere Mao, nether the less they do not follow his economic policies. Although far from a Laissez-faire society today, never the less modern Chinese communist do not follow the revolutionary ideals of Mao. This though has had a positive affect upon China compared to what it was during Mao's age.

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