Do you think cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues of our generation?

  • Cybersecurity impacts all generations.

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, almost all people are exposed to it from birth to death. Societies utilize the IoT to increase productivity and there are more and more incentives to use them. From baby monitors to retirement home, the internet is there. The major issue, we presume the security exists, however time and time again, we see that often that is not the truth (Equifax, Uber...So on). I suggest the most valuable exercise in the future will be finding the right balance and proportionality in the governance of the Internet.

  • Cybersecurity Affects Safety Everywhere

    Computers run nearly everything these days. A cybercriminal can affect your home in at least a dozen ways - your laptop, home security system, printer, telephone line, television, cell phone, stovetop, automobile and fire alarm system - all of these devices can be manipulated by a criminal with a computer anywhere in the world. Cybersecurity is a complex world of threat and victimization, and the criminal can be as white collar as the victim.

  • Is anyone who they say they are?

    Everything is done through electronics and the Internet; if someone isn't looking out for you they may just be ripping you off. There is a rampant issue with identity theft. This issue not only allows people to steal your information in order to shop online, but they ruin lives. Due to one person stealing information, you may spend the better part of your life just proving that you are you and getting all of your information, money, and life back. Stricter rules and regulations need to be applied indefinitely.

  • Yes, cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues of our generation.

    Yes, cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues of our generation. So much of what do these days happens online. From things as simple as communicating with friends, to online shopping and banking. On top of that, we're only going to be spending more time online from here on out. That's why cybersecurity is important. We need to be able to protect our privacy, and keep things like our banking information safe.

  • Yes, I believe it is.

    I think the Internet has brought our generation a tremendous amount of power and knowledge, but it also brings inherent risk. As we have seen through many crises in the last decade, hackers can beat even the most sophisticated systems. It is only a matter of time before they cause major damage. Learning how to keep the Internet safe is something that will be a huge focus in the coming year.

  • It cannot compare with the biggest issues our generation faced. . .

    It is just an issue but not one of the biggest issue because cyber security issues are caused due to lack of cyber law and knowledge among people. So these issues can reduced easily by giving awareness to the people and providing them cyber security course. Moreover it is not include in top10 UN biggest issues the world faced today, So how can u say that cyber security is one of the biggest issues by giving only your opinion

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