• It depends actually.

    To dance for personal pleasure and entertainment is not hard.You just have to sway according to the music , call it dancing and voila! You're dancing......But dancing as an art form is quite diificult....The difficulty lies in combining beautiful and complicated moves with emotion and the proper level of flexibility needed in performing them.

  • Pain augh dance is so fucking nard

    All u damn non dancers out there are fucking haters. It is so god damn hard, and you need to be perfect to be a good one. AUGHHHHH !!!If u actually have a good teacher like mine they will FORCE YOU to do sit ups and push ups and wall sits and planks and jumping jacks and everything to make u stronger. They will not yell at you unless you are doing something to hurt other dancers, but if u are not they will just ignore you. Trust me that fucking hurts. They will correct you but if you don't take the corrections they will just be like 'k' and look at the next person in line. OUCH. Also, more physical pain, too. For example, your toes would be lucky if they only had one or two blisters. Usually 4,5,6 at a time. Also, they are fucking ugly and you never take artsy pictures of them like regular people do. You are sore, but soreness feels LIKE FUCKING SHIT I LOVE BEING SORE I LOVE IT 💟💟 So yeah

  • Dance can be

    Dance is not as hard as some other sports but it does have features that are needed more in dance rather than other sports such as flexibility and footwork. Football players even do dance to help improve flexibility and footwork. It can be hard but it is not the hardest.

  • If you are having fun!

    I am a dancer and in the beginning I wasn't to into it. As you get more involved and interested in what you are doing you start to forget the pain and everything. If you start to complain during the practice then you would say YES it does hurt and it is hard. Dance is just like every other sport.

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