Do you think Dangerous Dogs Act should actually be Dangerous Owners Act?

  • Dogs act as they are trained to act.

    The Dangerous Dogs act lists what it deems to be dangerous dogs. Amusingly, German Shepherds are among the most volatile of animals and they are not on that list. The only dog that has ever bitten me was a chihuahua and it bit my face, leaving me scarred. Chihuahuas, not on the list. Most of the dogs associated with being dangerous were trained to be so. Pit bulls are loving creatures by default, but can easily be persuaded to violence in the name of loyalty to their master. The dog only wants to do as the master says. If the owner/master wants violence done, is not that the real source of the problem?

  • Dog Owners Are The Dangerous Ones

    Dog owners are responsible for the temperament of their animals since they raise them from a young age. Therefore, the Dangerous Dogs Act should be changed to the Dangerous Owners Act. Any breed of dog can be raised to be calm and friendly toward people and other dogs. Owners fail their pets by making them anything else.

  • Yes it should.

    There are really no dangerous dogs, only dangerous owners. A puppy is not a dangerous creature until the owner abuses it and makes it mean. This is true even for the notorious Pit Bull. Owners who make their dogs mean need to be punish. First punishment should be that they can never own a dog again.

  • The Dangerous Dogs Act should actually be Dangerous Owners Act.

    The Dangerous Dogs Act should actually be Dangerous Owners Act. Any breed of dog can be taught to be dangerous but relies on its owner to teach it right from wrong. If your dog is threatening and dangerous then it is the owners responsibility to correct its behavior. I do not think that the breed of the dog can be blamed for the actions of one dog.

  • Yes,the dangerous dogs act should actually be the dangerous owners act.

    The Dangerous dogs act should actually be called the dangerous owners act.Dogs normally act on instinct and are unable to judge when it is inappropriate to act.This responsibility should fall on the owner when their dog ends up being dangerous and causes serious injury to other people that are otherwise innocent.

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