Do you think DDO should award automatic victory to a debater when his/her opponent forfeit a round?

Asked by: kwagga_la
  • Yes, and when the time to post a new round runs out they should get rid of the notification.

    It's not fair to waste the time of an opponent, and the person who was still trying to debate should get something for it. If the other person actively forfeits, then that is admitting a loss. It only makes sense to award a loss to the loser, and make the time worthwhile to the winner.

  • Yes, i agree

    It's sucks when u debate someone and they forfeit. For what ever reason. Another thing is people should be voting more, having ties when no one vote not good either. So the site should make you vote, if you click on the debate. Their should be ties only if its has more then like 5 vote from each side.

  • Forfeits degrade debates

    Although some have genuine reasons for forfeiting a round others do so because they do not respect their opponent or being unable to answer an argument and therefore forfeit to send the debate into limbo. Automatic victory to a debater who's opponent forfeits a round will serve as a motivation to make time to finish a debate.

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