Do you think death metal causes people to act violently or immorally?

  • It does me

    I know that personally when I listen to death metal music, it does spike adrenaline and make you turn aggressive, including making you violent, making you drive fast, or making people do things like drugs and sex. If you look at people who listen to this they do not behave the best.

  • It is hypnotic.

    Yes, I think that death metal causes people to act violently or immorally, because the lyrics, the noise, and the presentation is counter culture and encourages rebellion. Death metal is an extreme type of heavy metal music. It uses its tone to encourage its listeners to do whatever they want, including things that harm others.

  • They stop caring

    I have anxiety and depression and I tend to stay away from that music. From people I go to school with, I've noticed those who listen to it tend to do hard drugs, drink. I've tried listening to it to connect with my friend who listens to it and I've noticed the screamo-heavy-death-metal genre, the sound of it and the noise just forces you to try and let go and block it all out and to help with that you're obviously going to get high or whatever. I don't do drugs so I could never fully relax by listening to it, it immediately makes my anxiety spike. But a lot of loud noise and a lot going on usually is a trigger for me anyhow. So...Ya..

  • It's calming to some people

    I know at least for me, it helps me settle down and it brings me to a place where I can take a second and regain sense I guess. There is some cases where people take it to the point where it could be dangerous, but that's a rare occasion. There's a lot of kids at my school who listen to it, and they have no differences from anyone else. Like me, I'm the starting center on the basketball team, I'm in the school band, and i contribute in a lot of school activities, heck I even play the drums for my church. Yes there is some rebel in me, but that comes from genetics. Mainly my mom who is the nicest lady you could meet. But my point is, just someone likes a type of music, doesn't make them any more likely to be a certain way

  • It is all political

    I have seen news stories of people who did crimes and the news station pointing out and often blaming the fact "He listened to death metal and that is why he did it". This greatly upsets me. What about all the other murderers or violent criminals who didn't listen to death metal but preferred country, or pop, or rap? Death metal in many of it's forms is easily my favorite genre of metal, but I used to be known as the quiet nice guy. Now I am just the sarcastic but funny nice guy who listens to death metal. Just because I like death metal does not mean I am violent. It is all really human selectiveness

  • Correlation does NOT equal Causation (Statistics applies to Music as well)

    Well, as the headline states, correlation does not equal causation. That means that those who listen to metal may be going through 'hard times' and therefore listen to metal; or a person may listen to metal and therefore feels as if he or she is going through 'hard times'; or those aren't even in a cause-effect relationship. I don't want to get too specific by what I mean by 'hard times'; it means different things for different people, whether it be emotional disconnect or urges to commit violence or just moments of sadness. Maybe even something else. It differs among people. I know I listen to metal to release my depressive mood & anger & general dissatisfaction with my life, but I can't speak for others. In fact, I believe that many perfectly happy people listen to metal just because they love the BA riffs and the amazing vocals. Metal is great. It can do wonders for certain people, all with different music taste. (So I may be a bit biased, but I feel that I have presented metal vs. Violence as objectively [hello, stats] as possible.)

  • It gives me a place to release

    I will be forever grateful to bands such as Death, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse (Death is BY FAR my favorite out of those bands, btdubs) for giving me somewhere to release my aggression. There's not a day that goes by when I don't want to kill someone, and I think that is true for everyone. If you say it isn't then you are just lying to yourself, or are too young to have experienced real hate. In my mind, death metal bands allow me to express all the negative feelings in my life, and makes sure that none of my fantasies spill out into reality. There, of course, have been a few cases citing instances where a serial killer or murderer was "inspired" by death metal music, but I don't think that these band can be blamed for it. They sing about serial killers, warfare, concentration camps, and demonic possession and while that might be tough to handle for some, it is actually what happens in the world so I think that they deserve some respect for attacking those tougher topics.

  • Are you joking

    Death metal gave me place where i can put any negative emotions, stress, anything out of me, so my mind can be clear. It gives me spirit and energy on my daily activities. And I think I feel calmer, and happier than before I used to listen to it. I you think death metal could make people act violently, that people must be a wannabe metalhead that doesn't really into metal, just teenage posers who want to act tough

  • Only we can choose

    I am a huge fan of death metal it is all i listen to. But only we can choose to act violently, because it is our body therefore its our choice. It does start an adrenaline rush but it is your own choice of how to use it. You can use it to hurt someone or you can use it to workout or for sports. So no it does not make people mare violent

  • Take me for example

    I listen to a lot of metal and rock and rap but I'm not violent the music rather helps vent my anger or gets me pumped up before i wrestle or before one of my football game. I think anyone who blames metal for any crime or violent act is just nieve.

  • Research Says No!

    3 research psychologists have tested on adolescents who listen to death metal on a consistent basis and adolescents who have never listened to death metal before. After monitoring each person's behavior individually, all three research papers conclude that death metal music is not the sole cause of violent behavior. It all depends on the individual. If the individual has mental disorders or psychological problems before listening to death metal music, then death metal will enhance these violent tendencies. Thus, if you are a normal person with no mental or psychological problems, listening to death metal music will not make you act violently or immorally.

  • If any music would cause anyone to act violent it would be rap

    I know after Columbine Marilyn Manson's music was blamed for the shooting. I think he was unfairly blamed. I believe any music that would cause anyone to act violently would be rap. So much rap music is full of violence and degradation towards women. And I would have to say a large percentage of gangsters listen to rap. They idolize people lie TuPac and Biggie who were both killed. I do not think death metal would cause violence or immoral behavior.

  • Quite the contrary, actually.

    I am a death metal fan and musician, and I have never been known to act violently or immorally. Sure, some people who listen to death metal act in such a way, but we need to make the distinction between correlation and causation. Anybody who acts immorally or violently is quite likely inclined to act in such a way independent of their music choices. I personally am not violent, and my music has not changed that. In fact, the music helps me express anger and other negative emotions to further prevent negative behavior.

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