• What in the world?

    "Art has to have to it a coherence and a symmetry of some sort or other" Thats not what art is specifically defined as. Art can be purely abstract. No coherence, no order, no limits, its free. As long as we have an imagination, just about anything could be seen as an art form and that includes death metal.

    Clouds have no order, let alone some sort of coherence but people with vivid imaginations could make out say a cow from it. Isn't that art? Being able to "hear" or "see" these imaginary things. Its communications without words.

  • Of course it is

    I'd go as far to say that Heavy Metal and Classical Music are the only music genres that should be considered art.

    Classical Music is pretty much a given. I think we can all agree that it truly is amazing.

    The reason why many people don't like Heavy Metal is because they're close-minded. Most people grew up with society telling them not to do certain things. Heavy Death Metal basically says "fuck you" to all of that. It lays everything out and doesn't hold anything back. In a time where political correctness is essential to not get arrested, Heavy Death Metal artists rebel. Heavy Metal is itself a form of rebellion against social norms. It symbolizes humanity and shuns all rules and limits that people choose to put on us.

    Classical music and Heavy Metal are the most expressive musical genres. They simply express the most. Art is all about expression, and Heavy Metal surely wins.

  • It is still music.

    A lot of people don't understand metal; they believe it's just "screaming and banging." There is art behind it; it's not always understandable or enjoyable but it is EXPRESSIVE.

    I don't enjoy metal, nor will I ever endorse the statement that I do enjoy metal. However, I can't deny that metal is an EXPRESSIVE art form. Who cares if you can understand what they're saying? Can you understand every single note in a drum solo? No, but you still appreciate it and call it art. Same goes with metal.

    I infer that many close-minded people didn't consider Frank Zappa music because it wasn't as enjoyable or easy to listen to. The same goes with metal.

    Another example is simple paintings with just a very shapes, or just paint splattered everywhere: who cares whether it's easy to recreate or it's asymmetrical or enjoyable. It is an expressive form of art, and should be appreciated.

  • Just because most people don't like death metal, it doesn't mean it can't be considered art.

    The members of the band learned how to play their instruments, they sing songs. Just because it is loud, dark, and most of the times sung from the top of someone's screeching lungs it doesn't mean it can't be considered art. Art is subjective, and everyone has a right to believe what they like is art. Art can be anything from a Picasso to a child's macaroni art project they give to their parents. Just as opera can be conisdered art just as much as death metal.

  • Death metal is a cathartic way to release stress, just like Wagner was in his time

    Wagner's early and later music was dark. But this paved the way to express real life. Even though art of that time was an escape, it is powerful to begin realistic art. It helps you to think about tragedy and daily life in good ways. The commercialism of Death Metal can be a problem.

  • Hard to pass judgement

    People love to pass judgment on art because they don't understand it, or they just don't like how it sounds or looks or makes them feel. Death metal follows the entire artistic process and is similar in its essence to any other music, and its not on other people to decide whether or not its art.

  • It is not artistic expression.

    No, I do not think that death metal should be considered art, because there is no artistic merit to it. There is not a lot of talent required to create death metal. A person needs to be good at wearing black and screaming at the top of their lungs. That can't be called art.

  • No, but then that is just my opinion.

    In my opinion, art has to have to it a coherence and a symmetry of some sort or other. It needs to be something that is recognizable as a skillful effort to express life's questions in a visual or other form. However, I can see where death metal can be seen as an expression of negativity that some people might identify with as art.

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