Do you think Debate.Org's Opinion section is an accurate representation of society's average view?

Asked by: randomuser2349
  • Compared to Sodahead

    100%. This site is a place to have discussion where people won't try to censor you because your opinion is not to their liking. I love this site very much. The downside is the socializing isn't always 100%. People here are still busier than Sodahead from what I've seen. :/

  • A lot of the time, only the loudest actually answer

    Since anyone can answer any question, and since there is no random sampling, only people who feel passionate enough about a certain subject will answer, and minority views often tend to make the loudest noise. For example, the vast majority of society believes in a god, yet on Debate.Org the opinion section will be skewed towards No, because atheists online tend to be more vocal. The vast majority of society eats meat without a pang of guilt, yet on the opinion section the majority of the respondents say eating meat is immoral.

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