Do you think defunding police would lead to more violent crimes?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Do we think under paying government officials doesn't make them more susceptible to bribery too?

    This whole idea they have of defunding police is loaded with unintended consequences. If you want to see black deaths rise sharply and see corruption and bribery keep privileged individuals out of jail. . . Defunding theses guys is a great idea. All you are doing is switching their allegiance from the taxpayers to the next highest bidder.

    And why wouldn't crime go up? Less cops on the force or less financial motivation to do your job isn't going to keep anyone from robbing you. Couple that with the fact that you want to take everyone's guns away and you're left with absolutely zero protection against it.

  • Yes common sense it does

    I believe that the black lives matter is utterly ridicoulous. These protesters aren't truly people who want to seek justice but their main goal is just to terrorize and perpetruate violence all over the cities. They are criminals, Looters and rioters but not peaceful protesters.

    Also their justification and argument of seeking justice to blacks are fundamentally flawed and idiotic. First of all, African american are much more likely to be involved in gang violence and other serious violent crimes than whites based on statistics indicate that blacks are much more likely to be incarcerated than whites. But nevertheless i do agree that there should be comprehensive law to crack down on police brutality and some law enforcement should be held accountable but these are only minority and blacks aren't only the victims.

    Whites, Asian and other ethics are also victims of police brutality. The topic of police brutality is a sensitive topic since its not simply black and white and there is little to no correlation with racism. There are bad cops but there are also many good cops.

    But in general cops are doing a great jobs since if we abolish police, It would be a safe heaven for gangsters, Child gangsters, Rapist & child molesters since they could commit violent crimes without impunity and our life and safety would be gravely be endangered.

    The idea of abolish or defund police is stupid since its not a solution but to create more problems. Instead to we should have an background check on recruiting and selection of law enforcement to hire only the good cops

  • Defunding police is really a bad idea

    I oppose black live matters because its an illogic ideology and its protesters/supporters are merely angry, Violent, Criminal extremist. Where does it indicate that they want to have good intention to do good for society? I don't see any goodside of them except i saw in daily news that they terrorizing and terrifying ordinary citizen's safety.

    Sometimes blacks people need to admit the truth that they are more like to commit violent crimes than whites. Its not a myth but a truth based on the information from Bureau Justice statistics. For example, I notice blacks are much more likely to be involved in drug crimes and gang violence.

    I don't want to be prejudice against blacks since i am not a typical racist person. Ofcourse there are indeed good black people in the society. There are also many blacks cops and some white people commit. But unfortunately blacks people are more likely to commit crime than other races & ethnics.

    Its just like to say not all germans participate in holocaust but majority are.
    There are always a grey area that you cannot make generalization but you can make an assumption based on the majority of people's action.

    Also to blame solely on the police are unfair and injustice. Police are doing the best job that i can do to prevent violent crimes and arrest criminals. Especially in USA where there is extremely high rate of homicide, We need law enforcement.

    Without law enforcement, Majority of citizen would be vulnerable of being a victim of violent crime.

  • Without police, Who is going to protect us?

    Without police, Who on earth is going to protect us? Social workers? ! Without police, There's a high chance people will get robbed, Raped, Attacked, Gang violence, Etc! I understand that people want to defund the police due to "police brutality", But just because there's some bad cops doesn't mean there's no good cops! Period!

  • The Vicious Circle

    F police don't exist the mob will rule the streets and law will cease to exist until civillian millitias eventually enforce order and recreate a police force of sorts.

    There will be no order without peacekeepers, That being said police reform could be a good thing as any peacekeeping force eventually becomes corrupt as the police have. Not a bad idea to hit the reset button and rebuild police from the ground up but completely getting rid of them is stupid.

  • Police are there to help society stay safe -they deserve respect

    There is no excuse for this horrible way that police have been treated in America the last few months -these people put their lives on the line daily for their fellow Americans and police are being attacked, Beaten, Etc. -If police get defunded and don't exist anymore who is going to respond when someone is being kidnapped, Mugged, Raped, Etc. -the defund the police is one of the stupidest ideas that I have heard in my entire life and the people who fall for this are idiots (if someone is going to have that attitude they don't even belong in this country)

  • There will be no order without peacekeepers

    There will be no order without peacekeepers, That being said police reform could be a good thing as any peacekeeping force eventually becomes corrupt as the police have.
    Defunding police could be beneficial in a way that it could provide funding to those who are truly important and useful such as health care workers, Social workers and educators.

  • Until we get a justice system that actually works,

    Police are a necessity, Just to keep a cap on the anarchy. Any vocation is going to have both good and bad employees, We just need a better vetting system for those in law enforcement. A much better justice system where the thickness of your wallet is immaterial to your guilt of innocence.

  • Defunding the police is NOT Dismantle police

    When organizers say "Defund the Police" what they are asking for is that instead of put funding towards policing. There should be more resources that go towards social services. The millions of funding that go toward Police departments can instead be used for Social and Mental Health Care Workers that are there to help the people in their community in a non-violent way. What comes along with defunding the police is the decriminalization of people who struggle with drug addiction, Mental illnesses, And other non-violent crime. Many studies show that across the board investing in disadvantaged communities with education and resources lowers crime rates. While wealthy white americas are able to create billion dollar companies selling marijuana, Black and brown people are arrested and stamped with a criminal record. Which then leads to high unemployment rates and the destruction of communities. Racism and oppression was created in the foundation of this country. The violent way that Police wield their power against black people was inherited from "The Slave Patrol" of the Antebellum South who violently enforced discipline on enslaved Black Americans. Anyone who believes in the system as it currently is, Is either racist or knows nothing about American History and the systems that were put in place to create the times we are in now.

  • The same rate of crimes would still happen

    Policemen are ineffective and waste a lot of money doing nothing. Do you know how much murders and rape go unsolved by them?
    Crime is related to poverty not the number of cops paroling a single donuts shop.
    The FBI and other agencies are better suited at solving crime and reducing crime. Yet the police departments go unchecked and are riddled with corruption in some cities.
    Trim the fat off the policeman who waste time patrolling safe areas but are to chicken to go after violent criminals who never get arrested and do not even check children who are abused because they don't want to do extra paperwork. Let the old police departments go and hire people who are not lazy excuses who got in because they are friends with the chief.
    How is it that an uber driver is better at making decisions than a policeman?

  • It depends on the citizen's discipline

    If the citizen's discipline is good, The number of crimes will be low even though the police is not given much fund than other towns in other states. Nevertheless, If the citizens always cause trouble, More police are needed, Just like what is happening in Portland, Oregon right now. All in all, If the people do not create much chaos, Much police aren't needed to maintain security even though they are highly funded.

  • Defunding police doesnt mean it open the door for criminals

    Defunding police doesn't mean that we should abolish police and allow criminals to take advantage of the law. On the contrary it actually help to combat violent crimes in a way that the budget will be funded to poor marginalized community such as homeless and unemployed people.

    Studies have shown that violent crimes are highly correlated with poverty. If poverty and uemployment problems are solved so does violent crimes.

    And besides police doesn't need much funding and support from government because they haven't done their good jobs.

    Police arrest only 5 % of total violent serious crimes such as (murder, Rape, Burglary) and 95 % of the arrest are minor offense such as ( marrijuana possesion, . . . . Etc ). Most of police are merely corrupted, Discriminatory, And brutal.

    Also police have been unfairly and prejudice against blacks. For instance blacks are much more likely to be arrested and punish harshly than whites for the same offense. Whites are always superior and have privelege in the eye of the police.

    Defunding police could be beneficial in a way that it could provide funding to those who are truly important and useful such as health care workers, Social workers and educators.

    Police don't need much funding and we will not spend so much of our tax to them.

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