Do you think dependent adults are victims of their parents (yes) or spoiled brats (no)?

  • Both, but its mostly the fault of the parents

    If parents give their children a very easy life and don't push them to move out and be independent, then their children will make the easy choice to remain dependent. While its the child's fault to some extent, children tend to be the products of their environments. And since their parents are the ones who create these environments, the children are victims of the circumstances which are beyond their control.

  • Yes, overbearing parents are guilty.

    I believe there are many adults who have grown up in families with one or more parents who could be considered extremely over protective or over bearing. These children grow up and remain dependent, never leaving home to start lives and families of their own. These children were never allowed to make their own decisions, or to make their own mistakes. They are victims of their over protective parents.

  • I think dependent adults are victims of their parents.

    I think dependent adults are victims of their parents. Most dependent adults are not spoiled brats but are the way that they are because their families just were too supportive to teach them how to be independent. We should teach our children the whole value of a dollar and quit giving them everything because they think they deserve it.

  • They are good

    I think that if you are a dependant adult then you are just in a home where your family will not accept letting you go. I think that the best thing to do is to make sure that your kids leave, and that you make them and not keep them.

  • They know what they're doing

    They're not innocent victims of anyone. They're a buncha spoiled bastards. As an autistic man, I really resent when non-autistic young boys go around b*tching about how their life is so hard and how much they wanna kill themselves. There are autistic people who crave to have the freedom they take for granted!

  • They have to learn.

    I do not think that dependent adults are victims of their parents, because they see how other people live and just do not want to take responsibility for themselves. Most dependent adults know how they are supposed to be behave. They know the demands they are putting on their parents. Dependent adults just choose not to do better.

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