Do you think deposing Saddam Hussein during the Iraq War was worth it to the American taxpayers?

  • Was it Worth it to the American Taxpayers?

    I personally think that deposing Saddam Hussein during the Iraq was worth it to the American taxpayers because he got what he deserved. I personally thing that deposing Saddam Hussein during the Iraq War was great and well worth it because has done damage in the past and American taxpayers wanted to know what was going on.

  • No more terrorists

    Yes, I think that getting rid of him did a lot for the people of this country, and it saved us from a lot of grief that we would have had in the future. If he had been left alive, then sooner or later he would have bombed the US.

  • Yes, it was worth it.

    Listen, the United States is a country who tried Nazi war criminals in New York City. It was a good idea to depose Saddam. Who are we really, as world leaders, if we don't give a fair trial to people? The justice system worked here and it worked well. It was worth the tax dollars.

  • No, the cost was too great.

    Iraq was invaded under false pretenses, and it would have been better for stability both in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East if the United States had gone slower and resolved differences with the Iraqi government through peaceful channels. Not only was far too much money spent, but even more importantly, too many lives were lost.

  • Far Worse Dictators

    Not only that, but we went into Iraq under false pretenses. They sold America and the world, for that matter, a false bill of goods to go into that war. If it was just to get Saddam, then they should of said so. That war cost us and the Iraqi's way to may lives to dispose of Saddam. Not to mention, all the tax payer money.

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