• Depositors should do something to help save Cyprus's banks.

    Depositors should do something to help save Cyprus's banks. Since depositors are the main creditors for Cyprus banks, they should take a financial loss to help save the banks. Many of the depositors are from foreign countries such as Russia, who deposited money in Cyprus to avoid domestic taxes.These depositors should bare some loss in order to save Cyprus' banks and chalk it up to a risk of foreign banking.

  • It is not their fault.

    No, I do not think that depositors should do something to help save Cyprus' banks, because they have no obligation to step in and bail them out any more than anyone else does. If it is worth it to those who have deposited money in Cyprus banks, they can bail them out for business interests, but they have no moral obligation.

  • No I don't believe Depositors should do something to help save the banks.

    I believe the banks recklessly used their depositors money in unsafe investments that went bad on them, I don't believe it is the fault of the depositors that this happened and there shouldn't be a need or requirement for them to support the banking system from collasping that should be the duty of the Government.

  • They Should Fail

    I do not believe depositors should do something to help save Cyrus's banks. I believe it is important to let banks fail that don't operate properly. I believe trying to save these banks is futile because they don't make changes when they are bailed out. Banks don't deserve saving, they should be let go.

  • That's like using gasoline to put out a fire.

    What, exactly, would depositors do to help save Cyprus' banks? They deposited their money in good faith. Now they can't access it. Are they supposed to start pouring more money into those banks? Isn't that definition of insanity, doing the same thing repeatedly, while expecting different results/ Time for the government to get involved.

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